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LAPT8 Chile: Oliver ousted in eighth, Alache ascends

Cards are in the air -- and one player has already left his chair -- at the LAPT Chile Main Event final table.

On just the third hand of the day, Rodrigo Oliver opened with a raise for the second time, making it 65,000 to go from under the gun. It folded around to Nacho Barbero in the small blind who called the raise, then Oscar Alache three-bet to 145,000 from the big blind, earning calls from both opponents.

The flop came all diamonds -- 4♦T♦7♦ -- and it checked to Alache who bet 200,000 into the 460,000-plus pot. Oliver called the bet, leaving himself but 266,000 behind, and Barbero stepped aside.

The turn was the 3♠, and Alache didn't hesitate before pushing all in. Oliver took his time responding. He slowly unscrewed the cap of his water bottle, took a sip, then replaced the cap. Then he did it again. Then he rechecked his cards, looking warily at Alache on his right with a grin.

Finally Oliver called, showing A♠J♦ for two overcards and a flush draw, but only one of those overcards was live as Alache had K♥K♠. The dealer delivered the river -- the 7♥ -- and a round of applause accompanied Oliver's exit in eighth ($21,340).


Rodrigo Oliver - 8th place

Meanwhile Alache had become the new chip leader, having bumped up over 2.1 million.

That hand was followed by one in which Barbero earned a nice-sized pot from Fabian Chauriye without a showdown. Then Renata Teixeira check-raised all in on the flop versus Barbero, forcing a fold and pushing up over 675,000 -- still the short stack, but edging closer to the rest.

Photography from LAPT8 Chile by Carlos Monti. Watch the stream at LAPT Live. You can also follow the action in Spanish on the PokerStars blog and on Facebook, and in Portuguese on the blog and on Facebook.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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