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LAPT8 Chile: Quezada crushed in seventh, Teixeira taking from table

Renata Teixeira's last name is pronounced tay-SHARE-ah. Far from sharing, though, she's taking and taking so far at today's LAPT Chile Main Event final table, and in fact has catapulted all of the way up to second position after starting the day as the table's short stack.


Renata Teixeira

We might well be reporting on her elimination, however, if not for a fortuitous river card just now in a hand versus Rodrigo Quezada, who has become our seventh-place finisher.

The hand began with a Teixeira raise to 88,000 from under the gun. The table folded around to Quezada in the big blind who called, and the pair together watched a flop of all clubs -- 6♣A♣4♣.

Quezada checked, then called Teixeira's continuation bet of 100,000. The A♥ fell on fourth street pairing the board, and this time when Quezada checked, Teixeira announced she was pushing all in, and Quezada -- whose stack only barely exceeded hers -- didn't wait long before calling.

Teixeira turned over A♠K♥ for trip aces, but Quezada had flopped a flush with T♣9♣. All leaned forward as the dealer burned a card and delivered the river -- the 6♥!

Another pair on board meant a full house for the purple-haired player from Brazil. Suddenly she was up close to 1.4 million and second in chips, while Quezada was down to just 75,000.

The next hand saw Teixeira check-raising the turn versus Fabian Chauyire to earn another pot and chip up still further.

A couple of hands later Quezada was all in for his last 35,000 from the hijack versus two opponents, Javier Venegas (small blind) and Nacho Barbero (big blind). The board came 8♣6♣A♣T♥3♥ with a river bet from Venegas chasing Barbero, and after Venegas showed A♦Q♠ Quezada mucked, his tourney run ending in seventh ($29,480).


Rodrigo Quezada - 7th place

Here are the current counts as they approach the end of Level 26, with start-of-day leader Chauriye now sixth of six:

Oscar Alache (Chile) -- 2,410,000
Renata Teixeira (Brazil) -- 1,836,000
Nacho Barbero (Argentina) -- 1,161,000
Javier Venegas (Argentina) -- 1,123,000
Justo Esquivel (Chile) -- 834,000
Fabian Chauriye (Chile) -- 595,000

Photography from LAPT8 Chile by Carlos Monti. Watch the stream at LAPT Live. You can also follow the action in Spanish on the PokerStars blog and on Facebook, and in Portuguese on the blog and on Facebook.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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