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LAPT Peru: Another day, another Peruvian

No jinx.

Players came back from dinner break well-fed and ready for poker. Thirty-four players returned, and after only 58 minutes of play, we were down to our final 24 players.

Also, for the second day in a row, a Peruvian is leading the pack.

Yesterday, Marcelo Marchan finished the day as our chip leader with 306,900. Today a younger Peruvian, Oscar Barriga, finished in the lead with 917,000. In a symbolic Peruvian torch passing, Marchan fell to Barriga.

Barriga Day2.JPG

Our second Peruvian end-of-day chip leader, Oscar Barriga

The board read K♣7♠J♣3♠ and Barriga led out for 56,000 in a three-way pot. Action was on Marchan, but there was nothing he could do, he was already all-in. With Marchan's tournament life at risk, action went to Daniel Ospina.

Ospina called and a 3♠ fell on the river. Both players checked and Barriga turned over A♥A♣. Ospina flashed a K♦ and threw his other card in the muck. Marchan smiled, turned over 9♠8♠ and was eliminated in 26th place for $4,840.

Ospina took a big hit during the hand and was left with 260,000. Barriga, on the other hand, skyrocketed into the lead.

Barriga, in Spanish, is slang for a big belly. While this particular Barriga is short and slim, his bag of chips is not. Barriga is finishing the day with a 917,000, turning his chip bag into a transparent barriga bloated with chips.

Not the tasty ones either, the money-making ones

Barriga Belly.JPG

Barriga and his plastic belly of chips

There's no close second place either. Maxence Debar finishes the day in second with 752,000. A significant portion of Debar's chips came at the end of the day, when he broke the Day 3 bubble.

There was a pre-flop raise and a 4♥8♥7♥9♠ board. Maxence Debar had bet and Arturo Morales moved all-in for about 50,000.

Debar snap-called and showed A♥5♥ for the flush. Morales wanted to muck his hand but the floor made him show his Q♣9♣.

"You never have it," Morales said. "And now you do."

Maxence Debar.JPG

Maxence Debar and all 752,000 of his chips

Morales smiled, shook Debar's hand and went to the payout desk.

"He steals and steals and steals. Now that I try to fight back," Morales sighed and rolled his eyes. "That's OK, I was tired and I didn't feel that great anyways.

Jonathan Markovits will top off the top three with 607,000, nearly 50 big blinds behind the chip leader.

Together, the top three have nearly a third of the chips in play, leaving the other 21 players to fight over the leftovers.

But one of those fighters is one of the most dangerous men on the LAPT, Team PokerStars Pro Jose "Nacho" Barbero. Barbero holds the record for most cash earned on the LAPT, most titles and is the only back-to-back champion the LAPT has ever seen.

Nacho massage.JPG

Jose "Nacho" Barbero getting his poker computer massaged

He's also won LAPT Lima before, he knows he can do it.

Players have bagged and tagged and will be returning at 12:00 pm ET tomorrow. Twenty-four will sit down, but only eight will finish the day.

Join us tomorrow as we make the final table of the final tournament of LAPT Season 5.

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Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog

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