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LAPT Peru: Jordan Scott wins LAPT Grand Final

Jordan Scott has won the LAPT Grand Final.

He started the day as the short stack, but emerged as the champion.


Scott laid low at the beginning of the day, getting an early double up while Maxence Debar and Oscar Barriga eliminated everyone else.

While Barriga and Debar were knocking players out, Scott was slowly chipping up. Suddenly, with five players left, Scott had the lead. Then Debar took out Sheirborn, Pirela and Barriga.

But Scott still had the lead.

The players were heads-up and Scott was on his way to get his first final table elimination.

"That's my game," Scott said. "I'm a heads-up specialist."

Scott always preferred heads-up, but recently started gaining lots of tournament experience.

"I moved to Mexico 7 or 8 months ago," Scott said. "And in that time I played more tournaments than I did in the past 8 years."

The experience seemed to have served him well. Scott played LAPT Panama but finished close to the bubble. He wasn't done with the LAPT though. After getting back from Panama, Scott went home and immediately qualified for the LAPT Grand Final.

He's glad he did.


Scott and Debar heads-up

"I haven't won a tournament in a while, so this was like 'Woo!'" Scott threw his fist in the air. "It was a great value too. I did think it was going to be a bit softer, but Latin America has gotten tougher over the past years."

And Scott faced a tough crowd today. Aside from starting as the tournament short stack, Scott faced Team PokerStars Pro and two-time LAPT winner, Jose "Nacho" Barbero. LAPT veteran and original expat, Brent Sheirbon, was also at the final table in addition to Peru's aggressive rising star, Oscar Barriga.

All these players had more chips than Scott.

But Scott fought on while others fell. Things started off slow, but then we had our first elimination, Roberto Vahlis. Vahlis was Debar's first victim of the day, but he wouldn't be the last.

Debar and Vahlis got it all-in preflop and Vahlis showed A♠Q♥ to Debar's A♦K♥. The board brought all low cards and Vahlis was our 8th place finisher.

Then it was Barriga's turn to take one out. Barriga entered Day 3 as the chip leader and started the final table second in chips with 1.25 million. He was aggressive and new, this was his first ever live tournament.

Barriga took out Aramis Salvadori in another preflop battle. Salvadori moved all-in with pocket fives and Barriga called with A♣K♦. The flop gave Barriga an A♠ and Salvadori a 7th place finish. Barriga went for the double-Argentinian kill as he took out Team PokerStars Pro Jose "Nacho" Barbero next.


A sinister Debar, waiting for his next bust

Barbero was the short stack and moved all-in with Q♦7♥. Barriga called with A♦5♥ and hit the A♠ on the flop again.

Both Argentinians were aced and Barbero finished 6th for $36,070. Barbero's hopes of a third LAPT might've vanished, but he added another LAPT final table to his resume and increases his lead as the highest cash earner in the LAPT.

Having not been responsible for two whole eliminations, Debar was starting to get frisky. The crazy Frenchman needed blood, he chose Sheirbon's.

Short-stacked Sheirbon moved all-in with A♥7♦ and Debar called with A♦J♣. Sheirbon hit a 7♣ on the flop, but the river gave Debar a J♦, eliminating Sheirbon in 5th.

Debar then took care of Pirela and Barriga. There was a K♥2♣8♥ flop and Debar had just checked to Pirela. Pirela bet 250,000 and Debar moved all-in.

Pirela called with K♣J♥ for top pair while Debar showed Q♥8♥ for a flush draw. Debar hit the flush, Pirela was out in 4th.


Three-way play

Then our hometown hero fell. Debar held A♥8♦, Barriga had 6♣5♣ and it all went in preflop. Debar paired his 8 on the flop while Barriga hit a flush draw. But a draw was all Barriga would get.

The Peruvian was eliminated in 3rd place and we went heads up.

While Debar was dishing out carnage left and right, Scott was sitting with the lead. Here, Scott's heads-up skills shined. He pummeled away at Debar constantly. Debar managed a few lucky double-ups, but he couldn't outplay Scott.



Then, Scott went for the final blow on a 3♥9♦4♦ flop. Debar bet 165,000 and Scott raised to 390,000. Debar moved all-in for his remaining 2 million and Scott called.

Scott: K♦9♣
Debar: 4♠2♠

Debar's rail screamed for a two and a four, but the Frenchman had run out of luck. The turn was a T♠ and the last card of the tournament was a K♥, giving Scott two-pair and the victory.

Jordan Scott takes his place in LAPT history, becoming the Season 5 LAPT Grand Final champion.


See you all next season.

LAPT Peru final table results

1. Jordan Scott (Mexico) $168,210
2. Maxence Debar (France) $138,210
3. Oscar Barriga (Peru) $81,370
4. Jorge Gonzalez Pirela (Venezuela) $60,400
5. Brent Sheirbon (Panama) $46,140
6. Jose "Nacho" Barbero (Argentina) $36,070
7. Aramis Salvadori (Argentina) $26,840
8. Roberto Vahlis (Venezuela) $20,130

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Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog

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