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LAPT Peru: Pole position

Up in Austin, Texas, 24 men are racing around in some of the fastest cars known to man.

There, Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel will start ahead of the pack. He managed to out-qualify the pack, he did so by just more than 1/10th of a second. He'll start the race with the lead, but any mishap, any tiny mistake could cost him the victory.

Any good race is close.

Last year's player of the year race came down to the final table of the last event. There, Pablo Gonzales managed to to cement his standing as Season 4 player of the year.

Season 4 poy.JPG

Season 4 player of the year, Pablo Gonzales

That's exactly what we have with the LAPT player of the year race. Eight months of tournaments and four venues have come down to two tournaments. One is the $5,000 high-roller event, the other is a $300 NLHE event.

Before the Grand Final started, Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen, was in the lead with 1,650. Despite playing a few events here, Guillen couldn't score a cash. In a last ditch attempt to score some points, Guillen tried to multi table the high roller and the $500 turbo.

But Guillen couldn't score a cash in either and finished the Grand Final with the same amount of points he started it with, 1,650

Christian Sare came to Lima in second with 1,250 points. He hasn't managed to score any points yet, but he's still alive in the high roller. A win there could see him jump into the lead.

Rafael Rodriguez, who came here 4th with 1,220 points, has improved to 2nd place. Rafael Rodriguez made it up to 1,570 points when he registered for the high roller. He was hoping for a cash, but instead, he was eliminated by Christian Sare.

Daniel Ospina also showed great improvement.

Ospina finished the main even in 17th place and saw his points go from 975 to 1,415. Ospina is still alive in a tournament, he's hunting for a win and the POY title.


Pole position: Angel Guillen leads with 1,650

Guillermo Pardo has moved up to third place. Four days ago, he had 1,125 LAPT POY points, now he has 1,550.

Both the high roller and the $300 NLHE are under way. Angel Guillen currently has the pole position, but his car is back in the pits.

All he can do now is watch as everyone tries to take him down.

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Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog

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