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LAPT Peru: Rapid burster

In life, there are several things you don't want bursting early.

A childhood sense of wonder, water balloons and appendixes all fit this category. Tournament bubbles do not. We've seen bubbles go on for hours and others burst in a single hand.

But this tournament didn't even get down to hand-for-hand play. There was a false hand-for-hand call 15 minutes into the level, but the floor quickly realized their mistake. There were still 58 players left, so play continued as usual.

Then, Jose Paz Gutierrez scored a double kill. The tournament was catapulted over the pesky hand-for-hand barrier and landed right in the money. Just a few minutes after the false hand-for-hand call, Jose Paz Gutierrez called an all-in bet worth 19,500. Mariano Ojeda was on Gutierrez's immediate left and reshoved for 31,000.

Action was back on Gutierrez, who called and showed K♠Q♣. The shortest stack turned over K♣6♣ while Ojeda was in the lead with A♥Q♦.

The flop came 3♠A♣5♠ and Ojeda hit top pair. The turn was a 2♠ and Ojeda went quiet, the whole room did. The river was a brutal A♠ and Gutierrez hit a flush.

Ojeda threw his arms in the air and the short stack stormed off. Gutierrez went up to 310,000 while everyone else in the tournament went up a minimum $3,710 in live tournament earnings.


Mariano Ojeda, reacting to an ace on the river

Gutierrez celebrated, but not as much as the short stack at his table.

"Woooo!" shouted Ramlal Basdeo. Basdeo only had 12,000 in front of him and was ecstatic to had made the money.

"But it's not about the money," said Basdeo. "It's about the record. I already cashed in the WSOP this year, I wanted to add the LAPT to that list."

Ramlal Basdeo LAPT Lima.JPG

Trinidad and Tobago's top earner, Ramlal Basdeo

Fans of the PokerStars Blog might remember Ramlal Basdeo from LAPT Panama. There, the Trinidad and Tobago native cheered on his countryman, Joel Fermin, who was in the final 23. Now it's Basdeo's turn to make it deep in an LAPT.

Basdeo is already Trinidad and Tobago's most successful player with $21,707 in live tournament winnings. Today, that total increased to $25,417, a number that can only go up as the day goes on.

Basdeo's stack is fairing a bit better now that we've hit the money. His stack grew from 12,000 to 44,000 and he couldn't be happier.

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Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog

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