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Sunday Million with $5 million guarantee headlines Christmas Festival

It's December, which among other things means we can talk about the PokerStars Christmas Festival without glancing at the calendar and wondering if we're not jumping the gun.But even if we started the festival more than a week ago it's worth a reminder of what Christmas treats we're giving away, sta...more

by Adam Goulding on December 1, 2015 8:38 PM

Koovoon becomes Spin & Go millionaire number seven

We're not entirely sure if the news that someone has won a million dollars on PokerStars will ever get boring, but in case it does we should warn you that it happened again this weekend.We've said this seven times in the past month now, but it took place in a PokerStars Spin & Go, one of many taking...more

by Adam Goulding on November 23, 2015 4:34 PM

Christmas Festival to pay out more than $10 million

Yes, yes, we know. It's barely November. Christmas and all the high holidays are still weeks away. But, listen...even if you're not ready to hear holiday songs, even if you don't already have tinsel hanging from your tree, even if you're not roasting chestnuts over an open like money, don...more

by Adam Goulding on November 16, 2015 2:32 PM

Millionaire electrician wires his own spotlight

Pete Dolloway was supposed to get up at 4:30 Monday morning. He had a job to go on. He's an electrician by trade, something that has paid the bills for the working class guy from Sheldon, Birmingham. It had been a tough year. Thieves had broken into his van twice. And now he faced the idea of gettin...more

by Adam Goulding on October 29, 2015 6:00 PM

Making millionaires in our Spin & Go anniversary

If you're not sure what a Spin & Go is, where have you been for the past year? That's how long it's been since the first one cranked into action, turning a few dollars into much, much more on the spin of a wheel.Come to think of it, it's been more than a few dollars here and there. More than $3 bill...more

by Adam Goulding on October 21, 2015 2:17 PM

Austria's DaDumon wins PokerStars' largest-ever tourney

In Austria's wee morning hours, DaDumon made PokerStars history. After buying in for a mere penny, DaDumon beat out more than 253,000 other PokerStars players to win the biggest event in PokerStars history. Doing so meant that single penny buy-in would be returned with $9999.99 in winnings. Ready to...more

by Brad Willis on October 6, 2015 1:58 PM

WCOOP 2015: Ben "Ben86" Tollerene rules $51K Super High Roller, earns $616K

There's been nothing like it before -- not on PokerStars, not anywhere. A $51,000 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament, conspicuously standing out on the 70-event 2015 World Championship of Online Poker schedule from the day it was released. As might be expected, the big, big buy-in attracted big, big...more

by Martin Harris on September 22, 2015 1:20 PM

Negreanu, Mercier, Moorman favorites to win $51,000 WCOOP Super High Roller

We've been writing about WCOOP for a long time. We've written just about every story possible. But this...well this is a new one. Today, PokerStars announced it is opening a betting market on the $51,000 WCOOP Super High Roller on September 20. That's right. You can now bet on the outcome of the mos...more

by Brad Willis on September 17, 2015 7:19 PM

PokerStars picks up two new Team Pros in Asia

It's been a long time since PokerStars added to its Team Pro roster, so today, it signed up two Asian powerhouses on one day.Chen-An Lin from Taiwan and Yaxi Zhu from China are both popular and successful poker players in Asia, and today, they put on their red spade patches to make it official.Ready...more

by Brad Willis on September 2, 2015 4:06 PM

WCOOP: The most wonderful time of the year!

Earlier last week, my employer reminded me that I had promised to let her know what days I could work in September. I told her I would and filed it in my mental 'to do' list. Finally today, while on my lunch break, I opened my daytimer and started to look for availability. isn't looking...more

by Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome on August 27, 2015 9:07 PM

Randy Lew: Vlogging the hell out of the life he loves

We had intended to publish this interview during the latter stages of the World Series of Poker Main Event. Then Daniel Negreanu set about giving us a roller coaster ride all the way through to the closing stages, which seemed only right to focus our attention on. But it also seemed right to hold of...more

by Stephen Bartley on July 22, 2015 7:22 PM

Team PokerStars Pro in San Diego

When we first put the PokerStars Pro Tour together, we really didn't know what kind of turnout we'd get. We knew we wanted to create grassroots support for online poker ("iPoker" as the legislators call it) in California. We were pretty sure that bringing some of our top Team Pros to California card...more

by Lee Jones on July 21, 2015 7:36 PM

WSOP 2015: Jason Mercier on a bad summer turned good

There was a time earlier this summer when Jason Mercier thought things couldn't get any worse. It didn't last long, but at the time he was 100 per cent serious when he said it was a terrible summer. You might think this was odd coming from a man who had just won three SCOOP titles. But the numbers ...more

by Stephen Bartley on July 10, 2015 11:34 PM

APPT9: The second half of Season 9

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour may be on summer hiatus but the APPT team is hard at work getting things ready for the exciting second half of Season 9 which begins in a month's time.Here's a look at the remaining poker festivals this season:July 30-Aug 9: APPT Manila hosted by PokerStars Live ManilaAug...more

by Stephen Bartley on June 24, 2015 1:30 PM

Meet your hero Neymar Jr in Barcelona

How does this sound? Two tickets to an FC Barcelona game? Seven nights in a four star hotel for you and a guest, travel expenses, and free entry into a €2,150 EPT Barcelona festival side event of your choice? Oh, and how about meeting Neymar Jr while you're there?Well today we'll explain how you can...more

by Stephen Bartley on June 12, 2015 10:55 AM
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