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NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 2, levels 11-12 updates (1,000-2,000-200)

5.50pm: Level over
It is. We're going into level 13. -- HS

5:39pm: DeBora (more than) doubles
Greg DeBora is not the type of guy who goes away easily. When he finished yesterday, it was at his peak for the day. He hadn't done much throughout this afternoon until just now. Facing a raise and call in front of him, DeBora three-bet from the button with Q♦Q♣. That's when the big blind isolated with big slick. Heads-up, DeBora flopped his set and now has an above average stack. --BW

greg_debora_mohegan_sun_2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP4981.jpg

Greg DeBora doubles up

5:22pm: Overton reigns over Rousso
Big-stacked Aaron Overton came in for a raise to 5,100 and got the call from Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso. On a flop of T♦6♣2♣, Overton led for 8,200 and Rousso min-raised him to 16,400. Overton took his time but eventually called. Both players checked the 5♠ on the river. When the J♣ fell on the river, Overton bet 22,400. Rousso looked pained, but made the call. Overton showed her K♣K♥. Rousso exhaled in a big, long breath and said, "I couldn't fold for that much. Perfect sized bet." --BW

5:18pm: D'Ags trips up
We only caught this one as the river card fell, all the money having gone in on the turn with the board reading 4♦9♥9♦J♠A♣. John D'Agostino showed Q♠9♠, having outdrawn Mehrdad Yousefzadeh's K♦K♣ . Yousefzadeh was eliminated (after bellowing a loud "You gotta be kidding me!") while D'Agostino chipped up to 60,000. --KB

5:13pm: E-Scho no mo'
Following a middle position player's opening raise to 4,500, Erica Schoenberg three-bet to 10,000. Her opponent shoved and Schoenberg called all-in for her final 40,000 or so. Schoenberg turned up A♥K♥, but could not outrun pocket sevens on the T♥8♦3♠J♠2♣ board.

After Schoenberg departed, one of her tablemates not in the hand (we'll withhold his name to avoid the angry ire of any potential wives or girlfirends) remarked, "Oh my God! I can concentrate now. She's even more beautiful in real life." --KB

5.05pm: Young guns shot down
James Collopy and Derek Lerner have both busted in the past 30 minutes. There are now 110 players left. --HS

derek_lerner_mohegan_sun_2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP4966.jpg

Derek Lerner leaves Mohegan Sun

5.00pm: Trelski trims Rousso
Vanessa Rousso, it has seemed for some time, can do no wrong at Mohegan Sun. Even in the following pot, during which she clearly tried something that didn't quite work, she did not lose anything massive to Mike Trelski's aces.

It started when Trelski made it 6,000 from the cut off. Rousso called from the small blind and the two of them were heads up to a flop of 9♥6♥7♣. Rousso check-called Trelski's 12,000 bet and they then went to a 5♦ turn.

Rousso checked again and Trelski bet 15,000. Rousso now tried to convince her opponent that she had him beat, min-raising to 30,000. Trelski called.

The river was 7♣ and they both checked, after which Trelski flipped the aces. Rousso tapped the table and mucked.

Trelski has about 160,000 now; Rousso a little more than that. It's getting interesting out there. -- HS

4:55pm: Jeff Madsen not pleased
Jeff Madsen now has a lot more time to play Little Wings on his iPhone. After ursing his short stack for more than three hours today, we was down to 17,500 in his stack. Lee Markholt came in for a raise to 4,800 from the button. Madsen shoved it in from the small blind. Markholt took less than a minute to call with K♦J♦. Madsen was in decent shape with A♦Q♣...until the K♠ hit on the river. Madsen said nary a word. He stood quickly, grabbed a bag full of food trash from under his chair, and walked out of the tournament room like he had a plane to catch. --BW

4:36pm: Back in action
With three levels left to play today, the Mohegan Sun main event is back in action. --BW

LEVEL UP. BLINDS 1,000-2,000-200

4:22pm: Break time
Players are now on a 15-minute break.

4.20pm: Hair v hood; hood good
Jonathan Schroer first came to our attention at Snowfest on the EPT last year, when he made the final table and finished sixth. Vincent Rubianes, meanwhile, first came to our attention right here at Mohegan Sun, where he made a deep run through that monstrous field and finished 71st.

Schroer was notable for a few idiosyncrasies at the table -- pulling his hood up and going down all but horizontal to the table to peek at his cards. Rubianes was notable for his extraordinary hair. Today they are both on the same table in this field, and they have just clashed in a heads up pot that ended up doubling Schroer.

Rubianes, with slightly trimmed hair this year, made it 3,200 from early position and Schroer went through those familiar motions before raising to 9,600 from the big blind. Rubianes raised all in, covering Schroer, and that prompted Schroer to double check his cards.

Satisfied he had seen what he thought he had seen, Schroer shoved all his chips forward. Rubianes showed A♥K♥ and Schroer tabled A♠A♦, apologising for the time it took him to call. "I just wanted to make sure I didn't have ace-four or something." Rubianes shrugged.

Even if he had had ace-four, Schroer still would have won. The board ran 6♣8♠7♥4♦J♣ and that doubled him up to more than 45,000. Rubianes still fights with about the same. -- HS


Jonathan Schroer

4:18pm: George Lind eliminated
On a flop of 6♠3♣2♠ David Weisberger put George Lind to a decision for the rest of his chips and after a long tank, he made the call. Lind turned over Q♦Q♣, but the ladies were no match for Weisberger's flopped straight with 4♠5♦. Lind was in dire shape and found no help on the turn or river, which fell the 9♦ and the A♦ to send him to the rail.

"Oh well. I'm stubborn!" Lind said with a shrug as he made his exit. --KB


George Lind

4:15pm: Selbst breaks 200,000
Vanessa Selbst, by her own admission, is running good today. She just knocked out another short-stack, this time flopping a flush with Q♦2♦ on a 8♦5♦3♦ flop. That held up against pocket jacks, and Selbst is up to 225,000. --BW

4:07pm: Distractions
While the poker tournament continues, it's not an exaggeration to say about half the eyes in the room are glued to The Masters on cell phones, iPads, and the big projection displays on the walls. Two eyes that are otherwise occupied belong to Jeff Madsen. He's being nursing a short stack all day long and is keeping himself distracted with the iPhone game "Little Wings." As a fellow addict, I found myself drawn to Madsen's dedication to the game (I can't seem to nail ten cloud touches in a game, despite many hours of trying). Current betting is whether Madsen's iPhone battery outlasts his chip stack. The iPhone is currently favored 2 to 1. --BW

4:00pm: Ramdin runs a bluff... or so he says
A middle position player opened for 3,200 and the action folded around to Victor Ramdin, who three-bet to 8,600. The MP player re-popped it to 22,000 and Ramdin practically beat him into the pot. The flop came down K♥8♠5♥ and the action was checked to Ramdin, who bet 25,000. The MP player called and they went to the turn, which fell the 7♦. The MP player checked, and Ramdin instantly moved all-in for just short of 100,000. After a long tank, his opponent folded.

"My first bluff of the day!" Ramdin exclaimed as he showed the 5♣ and raked in the pot. He's up to 210,000. --KB

Victor Ramdin_Mohegan Sun 2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP4776.jpg

3.35pm: Back for more
As has been noted on several occasions, last year's event at Mohegan Sun was dominated by Vanessa Selbst. But Vanessa Rousso also made a very deep run, finishing 10th, as did Alan Sternberg (12th), Al Melville (fifth) and Mike Beasley (second).

Well, each of them seems to like this reservation water because they're all still involved on the second renewal. Rousso has about 220,000, Beasley has 78,000 and Sternberg 105,000. As for Melville, well, at the time of starting this post, he was still around. Now I'm not so sure.

(Selbst, of course, is also still going strong. She's up close to 200,000 as well.)--HS

3:30pm: Re-building credibility
As my esteemed colleague Brad Willis reported a few hours ago, Aaron Mermelstein is taking an... interesting strategy when it comes to Day 2, as he has a friend's wedding to attend in Mexico on the day of the final table. Mermelstein promised to mix it up today in an effort to either go big or go to Mexico and had worked his stack up to 220,000 before losing back-to-back pots.

Mermelstein made a small raise from middle position and Matt Waxman defended his big blind. The flop landed T♣6♦3♠ and Waxman checked to Mermelstein, who bet 5,600. Waxman came along. The 9♣ hit the turn and Waxman checked again. This time, Mermelstein checked behind. Same deal on the river, which fell the 8♦.

"You were the last aggressor. You show first," said Waxman.

"I've got a pair," said Mermelstein, tabling 2♣2♦.

"Well I have two pair," Waxman declared, showing the 8♥9♦. "It's good you got to a showdown with that had. You have to build your credibility back up after showing down that 8-3. You're raising pairs again, nice hand."

On the next deal, Mermelstein opened for a raise again and again, the big blind defended. The flop came down T♣Q♣5♣ and the big blind checked to Mermelstein, who bet out. The big blind shoved for 38,000 and Mermelstein called.

He was back to his old tricks, turning over 6♣9♣, but this time his marginal hand had flopped a flush. His opponent, however, was drawing very, very live with A♣A♥. The turn blanked with the T♦, but the 4♣ rolled off on the river to make the big blind the nut flush.

Although Mermelstein took a decent hit on those hands, he's still well above average with 175,000. --KB

3:26pm: Table 17 finally breaks
After starting the day with 25 tables, the tournament field has finally been reduced to the point at which Table 17 can break. For a period of time today, Table 17 had six of he top 20 players in its seats. Now they've been scattered across the tables to pillage what's left of the field. --BW


Goodbye, Table 17

3:24pm: Mortensen loses a chunk
Carlos Mortensen (aka The Chameleon) just shipped about 40,000 across the table when his pocket sevens couldn't outrun Joseph Cappuccio's pocket eights. Mortensen still has about 65,000 to play with. --BW

3.15pm: Weisner sends two to the rail
Andrew Weisner has just shot up to about 140,000, knocking out two players after finding aces at precisely the right time. One of the vanquished was the former PCA champion Poorya Nazari, who had queens, but is now looking for alternative entertainment for the rest of the day. -- HS

andrew_weisner_mohegan_sun 2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP4921.jpg

Andrew Weisner

poorya_nazari_mohegan_sun_2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP4919.jpg

Poorya Nazari eliminated

3.05pm: Level 11
Two levels have passed already and four remain. The big tournament board is showing that 153 players are still alive, meaning close to 70 perished in the opening exchanges of day two.

We're tracking the big stacks and notables over on the chip-count page, where it seems as though Aaron Overton leads the way.

Aaron Overton_Mohegan Sun 2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP4906.jpg

Aaron Overton

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