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NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 4, levels 19-24 updates (15,000-30,000-3,000)

napt-thumb.jpg7:45pm: Corey Hochman busts in 9th, final table set
Down to around 300,000, Corey Hochman open-shoved from middle position and after asking for a count, Vincent Rubianes re-shoved from the small blind. Steve O'Dwyer folded his big blind and the cards went on their backs.

Hochman Q♥T♥
Rubianes A♦Q♦

It was over for Hochman on the turn, the board running out 5♥J♦5♠A♣T♦. He'll take home $26,000 for his ninth-place finish.

The final eight are currently bagging and tagging their chips. We'll have official chip counts and a full wrap shortly. --KB

LEVEL UP. BLINDS 15,000-30,000-3,000

7:01pm: Final table redraw
Here's how the final nine have taken their seats.--BW

Seat 1: Corey Hochman
Seat 2: Joe Tehan
Seat 3: Thomas Hoglund, Jr.
Seat 4: Dan Shak
Seat 5: Vincent Rubianes
Seat 7: Steve O'Dwyer
Seat 7: Tyler Kenney
Seat 8: Aaron Overton
Seat 9: Vanessa Selbst

6:53pm: Stefanski bubbles (unofficial) final table
The televised final table of NAPT events is eight-handed, but the unofficial final table comes together with nine players remaining. That has just happened after Tyler Kenney came in for a raise from the button. David Stefanski shoved all in for a little more than 400,000 from the small blind. His A♣T♣ looked good until Kenney turned up A♠K♦. Kenney's hand held up and Stefanski left in 10th place. --BW


David Stefanski

6:38pm: Hoglund doubles, Fernandez departs
Thomas Hoglund made a stand, moving all-in for 310,000 with pocket queens and David Stefanski looked him up with A♠Q♥. The ladies held and Hoglund chipped up to 660,000.

Meanwhile, one table over, Jacobo Fernandez got the rest of his chips in the middle preflop with K♥Q♠ and Joe Tehan made the call with pocket jacks Again, the pocket pair was good and Fernandez hit the rail in 11th place. --KB


Jacobo Fernandez

6:32pm: Selbst doubles Overton, loses chip lead
Tournament short stack Aaron Overton moved all-in for his last 350,000 and Vanessa Selbst made the call, turning over 7♣7♠. Overton showed 9♦T♦ and hit a nine on the flop, doubling his stack to 740,000.

For the first time all day, Selbst has fallen below 2 million in chips and out of the top spot.--KB

6:25pm: Selbst can't bluff Shak
After taking a bit of a tumble by doubling up Vincent Rubianes, Dan Shak has regained most of those lost chips. Vanessa Selbst limped in from the small blind and Shak checked his option from the big. Selbst led out for 28,000 on the Q♦7♥5♣ flop and Shak made the call. The turn brought the 8♥ and Selbst loaded another bullet, making it 63,000 to go. Shak called again, and they went to the river which fell the T♥. Selbst bet 157,000 and Shak quickly called.

"You got it," Selbst said, as Shak turned up Q♠7♣ for two pair.

Shak is back up to 1.45 million while Selbst slipped to 2.45 million. --KB

6:13pm: Rubianes doubles through Shak
Vincent Rubianes' downward slide today has ended. After starting Day 4 with more than a million in chips, Rubianes was down to half of that. He finally just got all-in with Dan Shak. Rubianes held A♥K♠ to Shak's T♦T♣. Rubianes made his pair on the flop and got back up around where he started the day. --BW

BLINDS UP, PLAYING 12,000-24,000-2,000 IN LEVEL 23

5:30pm: Kenney climbing
A pair of pots late in the level have pushed Tyler Kenney up to second in chips. In the first, Steve O'Dwyer opened for 43,000 from the cutoff, Kenney three-bet to 115,000 on the button and O'Dwyer made the call. Both players checked on the A♠3♠9♠ flop, then did the same when the 8♠ hit the turn. The river fell the 5♥ and O'Dwyer check-called Kenney's 125,000 bet. Kenney turned up Q♠Q♥ for the flush and O'Dwyer mucked.

A few minutes later, O'Dwyer opened again for 43,000, Kenney flat-called and Thomas Hoglund made it 143,000 to go from the cutoff. O'Dwyer folded and Kenney called. Hoglund led out for 150,000 on the K♣7♣2♦ flop, earned a call, then made it the same amount when the 4♦ came on the turn. Hoglund called again and both players checked the 5♦ on the river. Kenney showed K♦T♥ for the win and vaulted to 1.85 million in chips. Hoglund was left with 350,000.

Players are now on a 15-minute break.


Tyler Kenney

5:01pm: Selbst leaves Overton on the short stack
Vanessa Selbst opened for a min-raise to 40,000 from early position, Aaron Overton three-bet to 122,000 from the big blind and Selbst made the call. Overton led out for 202,000 when the flop fell Q♥7♣3♦ and after about a minute in the tank, Selbst moved all-in.

Overton elected to save his remaining 260,000 and folded. Selbst is up to 2.7 million.--KB


Vanessa Selbst

4:44pm: Plouffe go poof
(Yes, we've been waiting to use that headline for a couple of days now). Steve O'Dwyer opened to 44,000 and got a flat call from Tyler Kenney. That opened the door to a 431,000 shove from Philippe Plouffe. O'Dwyer must have had something on Plouffe, because he made the call with A♠9♣. Kenney got out of the way, and Plouffe turned up 8♣T♣. The board ran out K♣[4♠J♥K♥7♥ and Plouffe exited in12th place. --BW

LEVEL UP. BLINDS 10,000-20,000-2,000

4:09pm: The kids might call this a "level"
This hand wasn't so remarkable for the betting sequence or the result, but for the sheer amount of time Corey Hochman took to make his decision. As the final seconds ticked off Level 21, Hochman opened for 32,000 in the cutoff and Steve O'Dwyer called on the button. The flop came down A♠K♠4♣ and Hochman checked to O'Dwyer, who bet 42,000. With the ESPN cameras trained on his face, Hochman began mumbling something about putting O'Dwyer specifically on the 8♥T♥ and sat in the tank as the 15-minute break ticked away.

"Seriously, this might take the whole break," Hochman said. O'Dwyer remained stone-faced as his opponent hemmed and hawed.

After six and a half minutes ticked off the clock, Hochman finally settled on a raise to 125,000. O'Dwyer snap-folded and headed off for what was left of his break showing no signs of tilt as Hochman continued to mug for the cameras. --KB

4:02pm: Matte's day is done
With just minutes to go before the third break of the day Jean-Philippe Matte took his half-average stack and got it in the middle with A♦9♦. It was a bad spot. David Stefanski was sitting with black kings, flopped his set, and put Matte out in 13th. Players are now on a 15-minute break. --BW

3:50pm: Updated chip counts
Head over to the NAPT chip count page for fresh-from-the-oven updates on our 13 remaining players. Vanessa Selbst is still atop the pack with 2.5 million, with Dan Shak in second with 1.68 million. --KB

3:29pm: Another scalp for Selbst
The wheels could still come off, but for now Vanessa Selbst is ruling the day. She just opened for 38,000. When Ara Melikian shoved for 176,000, Selbst snap-called with A♣K♣. Melikian was way behind with his meager K♥Q♥. The board ran out 8♣8♦7♠T♠6♣ and Melikian was gone in 14th place. --BW

3:14pm: Gibbons gutted
Following an opening raise to 35,000 from Phillipe Plouffe, David Stefanski three-bet to 85,000 on the button, only to be met with a shove from Joseph Gibbons in the big blind. Plouffe gave up his hand and Stefanski called. Stefanski had Gibbons dominated with A♦K♠ to his K♣T♣, the board running out 5♥5♦7♥9♦Q♣ to send him home in 16th place. --KB

3:05pm: Phillipe Plouffe doubles through Joseph Gibbons
Phillipe Plouffe's stack has been rising and falling faster than the Dow Jones index today. Only minutes after busting Taylor von Kriegenbergh, Plouffe saw nearly all those chips go "poof" when he played a massive pot against David Stefanski right before the last break, Stefanski claiming all but 189,000 of Plouffe's stack. However, Plouffe is back on the rise after doubling through Joseph Gibbons in dramatic fashion.

Gibbons limped in, as he's prone to do, and Plouffe moved all-in for 265,000. After a long tank, Gibbons made the call and turned up the best hand-- pocket nines against Plouffe's K♣8♣. The Q♥6♣2♥ flop agreed with Gibbons, as did the 4♦ on the turn, but the K♦ spiked on the river, saving Plouffe's tournament life.

"Yes!" Plouffe exclaimed.

"F**k!" cried Gibbons, before apologizing for his profanity.

Gibbons is down to 300,000 while Plouffe is back up to 555,000. --KB

2:55pm: Redraw
With 16 players remaining, here's how they are seated now. --BW

Table 1
1. Aaron Overton
2. Vincent Rubianes
3. Vanessa Selbst
4. Dan Shak
5. Nenad Medic
6. Joe Tehan
7. Jacobo Fernandez
8. Ara Melikian

Table 2
1. Philippe Plouffe
2. Jean-Philippe Matte
3. David Stefanski
4. Thomas Hoglund Jr.
5. Joe Gibbons
6. Corey Hochman
7. Steve O'Dwyer
8. Tyler Kenney

2:54pm: Overton ousts Olivier
Aaron Overton opened for 36,000 on the button and Olivier Busquet three-bet to 65,000. Overton called the extra 29k, and they went heads-up to a A♦J♠5♦ flop. Busquet checked, Overton bet 45,000 and Busquet called. The turn brought the K♦ and Busquet moved all-in. Overton snap-called, revealing K♣J♦ to Busquet's pocket queens. The 3♠ on the river sent Busquet to the rail in 17th place while Overton hit the million-chip mark.

With 16 players remaining, they're re-drawing for seats on two tables.--KB

2:48pm: Players are back in action
The third level of the day is underway. A fresh chip count is up on our chip counts page (just see that little black box on the right).--BW

LEVEL UP. BLINDS 8,000-16,000,2,000

2:12pm: Plouffe busts Von Kriegenbergh in 18th
Following a 27,000 opening raise from Taylor von Kriegenbergh Phillipe Plouffe moved all-in for 276,000 and Von Kriegenbergh made the call for his last 271,000. Unfortunately, his A♦T♣ was dominated, as Plouffe tabled the A♥Q♣. No help on the board for Von Kriegenbergh and he departed in 18th place. Plouffe can cool down a bit now, he's up to a far healthier 586,000 in chips. --KB

2:07pm: Plouffe steamy
Philippe Plouffe is not a weak man. He looks like the type of guy that could handle himself in a bar fight. RIght now is not the time to cross him. Moments ago, Corey Hochman came in for a raise to 26,000. Plouffe made it 80,000 to play. Hochman moved all-in for 348,000 and Plouffe snap-called with pocket kings. Up again Hochman's A♠K♥, Plouffe was in good shape until the A♥ hit on the flop. Suffice it to say, the five-foot radius around Plouffe is now a place you enter only if you are collecting hazardous duty pay. --BW


Philippe Plouffe

2:00pm: Selbst invites Busquet to value-town, Busquet declines
Vanessa Selbst opened for 27,000 from under-the-gun and Olivier Busquet called from the big blind. Both players checked the A♣9♠7♦ flop. The turn came the 5♦ and Busquet checked again. Selbst bet 38,000 and Busquet came along. When the Q♥ hit the river, Busquet checked to Selbst who made it 48,000 to go. After a long think, Busquet folded. Selbst flashed the 6♦8♥ for the turned straight.

"I was hoping to get some value there," she said. Busquet confessed to having a suited ace in diamonds for top pair on the flop and a flush draw on the turn. --KB

1:52pm: So long, Sandhu
Joe Tehan came in for a raise to 26,000 from the cutoff. Sukh Sandhu had 102,000 more and moved all-in. Tehan made the call with 9♥T♥. Sanhu held 5♣5♠. He looked good on the [ac2♠8♦ flop, but that J♠ turn and Q♦ river ended his day in 19th place. --BW

1:35pm: Adam Geyer out in 20th
Adam Geyer met his tournament end following a battle of the blinds that saw him get the rest of his chips in the pot with A♠T♣ against David Stefanski's A♦J♦. Stefanski hit top pair on the turn, the board running out 7♥8♣2♠J♦6♦ to send Geyer to the rail. Stefanski is up to 745,000. --KB

1:20pm: Tryba's day ends
An early-days chip leader, Chris Tryba could go no further than 21st place. The end came just now when he opened to 20,000. Jacobo Fernandez three-bet to 60,000. Tryba shoved for 184,000 total, and Fernandez made the call. Tryba's 6♠6♥ was behind J♣J♥. The board ran out 7♣8♣8♠A♠8♥ and Tryba headed for the rail. --BW

1:11pm: Back in action
The 21 remaining players are back in their seats and ready to play at 6,000-12,000-1,000. --BW

1:04pm: A few words from our chip leader
If you were wondering what was on Vanessa Selbst's mind as she sat down today with the chip lead, here's a little peek. --BW

LEVEL UP. BLINDS NOW 6,000-12,000-1,000

12:57pm: Battle of blinds ends Loman
Kyle Loman was down below 200,000 and in desperate need of a double-up. With A♥J♣ in the small blind, he didn't figure to get a better chance. Unfortunately for Loman, Steve O'Dwyer woke up with A♣K♣ in the big blind. O'Dwyers hand held and Loman left in 22nd place. Players are now on a 15-minute break. --BW

12:55pm: Phillipe Plouffe doubles through Adam Geyer
On the last hand before the break, Adam Geyer opened for 23,000 and got a call from Joe Tehan in the cutoff before Phillipe Plouffe shoved from the small blind. Geyer re-shoved and Tehan folded.

It was a standard race, Plouffe's A♣J♥ up against Geyer's 8♥8♣. Plouffe flopped a jack and turned an ace to double his stack to 440,000 while Geyer fell to 385,000. --KB

12:38pm: Eric Froehlich eliminated in 23rd place, Selbst nears 2 million
And the rich get richer.

Vanessa Selbst opened for 22,000 from the cutoff and Eric Froehlich made the call from the big blind. Froehlich checked the T♣9♦2♦ flop over to Selbst, who made it 28,000 to go. Froehlich called, and the Q♣ landed on the turn. Froehlich checked, Selbst bet 62,000, Froehlich moved all-in, and Selbst snap-called, revealing a set of deuces. Froehlich needed serious help with J♠T♥ but he could not fill his straight draw on the river, the J♥ falling instead to give him a no-good two pair. Froehlich hit the payout desk in 23rd while Selbst's stack crested the 2,000,000 mark. --KB

12:28pm: Jonathan Schroer eliminated in 24th place
Jonathan Schroer, our man of a thousand quirks (resting his head on the table during all-ins, scooting his chair three feet back from the table to peer at his hole cards) is Day 4's first casualty. After Thomas Hoglund opened for 21,000, Schroer shoved from the cutoff, only to have Dan Shak re-shove right behind him on the button. Hoglund folded and the cards went on their backs, Shak with pocket tens and Schroer with A♦K♣. Schroer could not catch up on the 9♥5♥3♣Q♦6♣ board and departed in 24th place, while Shak's stack rose to 670,000. --KB

12:21pm: Busquet takes it with a four-bet
Following Jean-Phillipe Matte's opening raise to 21,000, Nenad Medic made it 56,000 to go from middle position. The action folded to Olivier Busquet in the big blind, who made a cold four-bet to 100,000. Matte quickly folded and Medic, after quite a long tank, did the same.--KB

12:18pm: David Stefanski doubles through Joe Tehan
Adam Geyer opened for 22,000 from under-the-gun, Joe Tehan flat-called and David Stefanski moved all-in from the big blind. Geyer folded and Tehan called.

Stefanski: A♠K♠
Tehan: A♥Q♥

No disasters for Stefanski on the A♦8♣4♠J♦5♦ board and he doubled to 322,000, leaving Tehan on 380,000. --KB


Joe Tehan

12:15pm: Joseph Gibbons doubles through Jacobo Fernandez
Jonathan Schroer led off the action with a raise to 22,000 and Joseph Gibbons called on the button before Jacobo Fernandez made it an additional 65,000 to go from the small blind. Schroer folded and after a long tank, Gibbons called. The flop came down K♦9♣7♣ and Fernandez moved all-in,having Gibbons significantly covered. He snap-called, turning over 7♦7♠ for bottom set while Fernandez revealed A♠K♠. The set held through the T♣ on the turn and the 2♠ on the river, doubling Gibbons to 215,000. --KB

12:10pm: Play underway
The final 24 players have kicked off play for the day. As the cards went in the air on Table 1, the players started calling out their ages. Nenad Medic thought he was getting old at age 28. Olivier Busquet, on his way to 30, said he had Medic beat. The old man at the table, Jean-Philippe Matte, quietly informed them he was the senior member of the table at 30 years old. I've never felt so aged and decrepit. --BW

As we set up our gear this morning, a polite young man approached the media desk, asking where on the PokerStars Blog he could find the post containing the overnight chip counts.

"All I can find is last year's, when Vanessa Selbst was the chip leader," he said.

We informed him that no, he was not hallucinating, he had indeed found the correct post and that Selbst was once again the overnight chip leader following a Day 3 that saw the field trimmed from 74 to the 24 that will unbag their chips in about thirty minutes' time. Today's mission? To play down to a final table of eight that could very well include defending champion Selbst. Stacked at 1,406,000, she has a 383,000 lead over second-in-chips Vincent Rubianes, the only other player who has crossed the seven-figure mark.

For a full look at the chip counts and today's table draw, click over to the NAPT Mohegan Sun Day 4 seating assignments. We'll also be tracking the first day of the $10,000 Bounty Shootout, which is about to start its first flight over on the ESPN set.

Stick around, it's going to be a jam-packed day of poker up here in the Connecticut woods. We'll be underway at Noon with 48 minutes remaining in Level 19.

Vanessa Selbst _Mohegan Sun 2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP5401.jpg

Can she repeat?

Reporting team (in order of 12-oz. cocktails consumed last night): Kristin "change100" Bihr (2), Brad Willis (0). Photography: Joe Giron

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