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NAPT Mohegan Sun Final Table: Levels 24-26 updates (25,000-50,000-5,000)

napt-thumb.jpg4:15pm: Joe Tehan eliminated
On the last hand before break, Joe Tehan got it all in with K♦6♠ and ran directly into Thomas Hoglund's 8♣8♦. The board was no help for Tehan and he went out in sixth place for $70,000. Hoglund ended that hand with 1,590,000.

joe_tehan_mohegan_sun_2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6571.jpg

Joe Tehan eliminated from NAPT Mohegan Sun

Tehan's exit leaves Vanessa Selbst as the only remaining former NAPT champion at the final table. --BW

4.10pm: Shak finds some support
After a routine blind steal from Dan Shak, the audience around the ESPN feature table went nuts. It might have been a touch on the ironic side, but for the time being Shak's appeal for supporters (see 3.56pm) seems to have worked. -- HS

4.05pm: Selbst takes challenge to other champion
Tom Hoglund limped under-the-gun, which was one way of enticing the two former NAPT champions in from the blinds. Vanessa Selbst made it up from the small blind and Joe Tehan checked his option.

The flop was all diamonds: 5♦K♦4♦. Selbst bet 115,000, Tehan called and Hoglund folded.

The turn was the T♣, and Selbst again fired at it. She bet 170,000 and again Tehan called. This one was getting intriguing.

The 9♥ rivered, and Selbst wasn't done yet. This time she bet 290,000 and after a couple of minutes' thought, Tehan called again. Selbst showed K♠5♥ for kings up, and Tehan folded.

joe_tehan_mohegan_sun_2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6435.jpg

Joe Tehan at final table of NAPT Mohegan Sun

That gain of about 600,000 put Selbst back up very close to the lead. Tehan is the shortest of short stacks. -- HS

3:56pm: Shak's only fan
As a hand between Joe Tehan and Vanessa Selbst played out at the table, Dan Shak wandered over to the rail and stood in front of a quiet Nick Binger.

"I've got a problem here," Shak said. You're my only fan."

At issue was the amount of cheering going on for all the players at the table...except Dan Shak.

"I didn't think you wanted me to cheer," Binger said.

"It's either that or you gotta find some slot players and bring them in here to cheer," Shak begged.

dan_shak_mohegan_sun_2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6568.jpg

Situation vacant: Supporters for Dan Shak

As of this minute, Binger has taken a deep interest in something on his iPhone.--BW

3:49pm: Chop bails Kenney out
Tyler Kenny limped on the button, which didn't seem at all scary to Joe Tehan. He shoved for 845,000 more from the big blind. After dwelling on the bet for a few moments, Kenny made the call with K♣Q♥. 'Twas not the best of decisions. Tehan held A♦Q♠. But wait! What's that board? Well, sure enough, it went A♥K♠2♣J♠T♦ for the chop. Tehan was not best pleased.

joe_tehan_mohegan_sun_2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6559.jpg

Joe Tehan watches as the dealer deals out a chop with Tyler Kenney

As you were. --BW

3:40pm: Yup, that'll do it
As she's prone to do, Vanessa Selbst opened for a raise to 100,000 and was called by Dan Shak and Tom Hoglund in the blinds. Hoglund led out for 225,000 on the 6♣5♥4♥ flop and Shak quickly raised to 600,000. The move folded out Selbst and after a brief tank, Hoglund gave his hand up as well.

Shak showed 2♥3♥ for the flopped straight and a straight flush redraw, worthy of the raise indeed. --KB

3.30pm: Shak on the rise
Buoyed after picking up a few chips from Tyler Kenney when he hit top pair kings, Dan Shak again raised pre-flop to 100,000. This time he was up against Vincent Rubianes, who called from one seat to Shak's left.

The flop was Q♥2♥K♣ and Shak wasn't so keen. He checked. Rubianes checked back at him. The Q♠ turned and now Shak bet 125,000, which Rubianes called.

The river was 8♣ and Shak again bet 125,000. With a smirk, Rubianes thought through a few of his options. Eventually he decided to call, but was shown K♦J♦ for two pair, which was good.

That's the second hand in succession that Shak took with a pair of kings, and he's now approaching the two million mark. -- HS

3:22pm: Kenney exacts his revenge on Rubianes
Just moments after Vincent Rubianes stole the chip lead from Tyler Kenney, Kenney looks to have taken it back.

Kenney called a raise to 110,000 from Rubianes and they saw a 2♦T♠J♦ flop. Rubianes led for 135,000 and found himself raised to 310,000. Rubianes made the call and then checked the 6♠ on the turn. That opened the door to a 435,000 bet from Kenney. Again, Rubianes called. Rubianes checked the Q♥ turn. Kenney put out a bet (the amount of which wasn't announced) and Rubianes insta-mucked.

tyler_kenney_mohegan)sun_2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6550.jpg

Tyler Kenney grins to his rail after taking back the chip lead

Kenney now has more than 3 million and the chip lead again. --BW

3:09pm: Kenney loses the chip lead, Rubianes tops 3 million
Vincent Rubianes opened for a 130,000 raise and Tyler Kenney made the call. Rubianes led out for 165,000 on the T♦7♠6♠ flop and Kenney looked him up. The turn brought the 5♠, and Rubianes fired a second time, making it 415,000 to go. Again, Kenney called (drawing his brother Bryn and friends over to the flop-cam to sweat the river). It was the 8♦, and both players checked.

Rubianes turned over two black kings and claimed the 1.5 million-chip pot. He's up to about 3.2 million while Kenney slipped to 2.5 million. --KB

2:49pm: First break chip counts

Tyler Kenney 3,275,000
Vanessa Selbst 2,830,000
Vincent Rubianes 2,435,000
Tom Hoglund 1,345,000
Dan Shak 1,235,000
Joe Tehan 610,000

2.38pm: Break time
Players are now taking their 15-minute break.

2.35pm: Shak shaken down by Hoglund
From under-the-gun, Tom Hoglund opened to 100,000 but couldn't get it past Dan Shak, one seat to his left. Shak three bet to 300,000 and that persuaded all others out the way.

It came back to Hoglund, who moved all in for about 900,000 and Shak called, with something close to double that in his stack.

Hoglund: A♠K♠
Shak: A♣Q♦

So Hoglund was ahead at the start, and he only managed to tighten his grip on the hand with the A♦6♥2♦ flop. The K♥ completed it in his favour, and he doubled up.

Accurate counts for the six remaining players will be with us momentarily as they go on their first break of the day. -- HS


Dan Shak grimaces after getting in behind

2:29pm: Selbst ousts Overton in seventh place
With the action folded around to him in the small blind, table short-stack Aaron Overton moved all-in and Vanessa Selbst made the call.

Overton K♥Q♦
Selbst A♥2♥

Selbst hit top pair on the A♣T♥6♠ flop while Overton found a small ray of hope with a gutshot straight draw. One of his four outs disappeared on the turn when the 3♥ fell giving Selbst a flush draw, and the rest vanished when the 5♠ hit the river. Overton departed the table to polite handshakes all around, collecting $50,000 for his seventh-place finish. --KB

2.10pm: Steve O'Dwyer out in eighth, winning $32,230
Steve O'Dwyer, who was down to only 10,000 in chips on day three but rallied all the way to the final table, is the first player eliminated today.

Play was folded all the way to Vincent Rubianes in the small blind. He peeked and moved all in, essentially simply asking O'Dwyer if he wanted to call for his tournament life. O'Dwyer saw an ace and decided that was good enough. The hands:

Rubianes: Q♦T♠
O'Dwyer: A♥7♦

O'Dwyer will know that the best hand pre-flop does not always stay like that to the end, and so it proved on this occasion. By the time all five cards were out - 2♣J♣Q♥Q♣T♦ - Rubianes had made a boat, which beats ace high most days.

steve_o'dwyer_mohegan_sun 2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6513.jpg

Steve O'Dwyer sees the bad news

Bye bye to Steve O'Dwyer. Rubianes has about 2.5 million now. -- HS

vincent_rubianes_mohegan_sun_2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6458.jpg

Vincent Rubianes at Mohegan Sun final table

1:50pm: Hoglund doubles through Tehan
Season 1 NAPT Los Angeles champion Joe Tehan came in for a raise to 80,000 and short-stacked Thomas Hoglund moved all-in. Tehan considered his call for a couple of minutes before deciding to take a shot with 2♣2♦. Bad news. Hoglund held Q♣Q♥. The board ran out K♥K♦6♥tc]4♦ and Hoglund doubled to just under a million chips. Tehan is now down to around 600,000. --BW

thomas_hoglund_jr_mohegan_sun 2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6431.jpg

Thomas Hoglund at NAPT final table

1.30pm: Kenney comes to the party
Tyler Kenney, who has started this final table in a muted fashion (he can; he's the chip leader) finally put out a raise. He made it 82,000 and Joe Tehan asked whether he really wanted to play, re-raising to 220,000.

tyler_kenney_mohegan_sun_2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6467.jpg

Tyler Kenney at NAPT Mohegan Sun final table

Kenney was pretty emphatic in his response, raising all in. With dreams of a double NAPT title fading like Marty McFly's family in a tattered photograph, Tehan folded and brought them all back to life. -- HS

1:26pm: O'Dwyer survives second clash with Overton
Down to 149,000 in chips, Steve O'Dwyer moved all-in and Aaron Overton made the call, this time having his opponent surely covered. Although Overton again had the best of it with A♣8♥ to O'Dwyer's K♦3♠, O'Dwyer hit a king on the river to make top pair and double up to 367,000. --KB

1.15pm: O'Dwyer dives, Overton doubles
Short stacks collide! Steve O'Dwyer had allowed himself to get a little short and was forced to move all in from the button. Aaron Overton was also very low on chips and so when he called from the big blind, it wasn't immediately clear who covered whom.

aaron_overton_mohegan_sun_2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6488.jpg

Aaron Overton

One thing was for sure, Overton had the best hand with A♥K♦ to Overton's A♣7♥. And once the tournament officials had done the requisite cutting and counting, it was evident that O'Dwyer had the bigger stack. (Something you would have known because you're keeping an eye on our regularly updated chip-count page).

So it was Overton under threat and soon it seemed even more perilous. The flop came 7♦3♦T♥, to hit O'Dwyer's pair.

But this one wasn't over yet. Once the 4♦ turned, Overton now had a flush draw too. And he was send bounding to his rail on the 9♦ river. "I was all in twice yesterday with the nine of diamonds!" Overton bellowed in delight. He has a new favourite card.

aaron_overton_mohegan_sun_2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6493.jpg

Aaron Overton celebrates his double up with his supporters

Meanwhile Steve O'Dwyer is now down to fumes, with only about 153,000. Overton returns to the position of authority he has held for the past few days. -- HS

LEVEL UP. BLINDS 20,000-40,000-4,000

1:06pm: Rubianes won't. be pushed. a. round.
Vanessa Selbst may be able to bully Steve O'Dwyer into a fold, but she is dealing with a different customer in the form of Vincent Rubianes. Selbst came in for a raise to 60,000 and Rubianes re-raised to 160,000. Selbst, perpetually undaunted, made it 425,000. Rubianes took just a few seconds before moving all-in. Selbst snap-folded and Rubianes scored first blood on last year's champion. --BW

12:55pm: Selbst cuts down O'Dwyer
On the third hand of play, the action folded around to Steve O'Dwyer in the cutoff. He put in a min-raise to 60,000 and Vanessa Selbst re-popped it to 215,000 total. O'Dwyer called and they saw a 6♠9♦J♣ flop. Selbst checked and O'Dwyer checked behind. The turn brought the K♥ and Selbst thought for quite a while before settling on a 220,000 bet. O'Dwyer made the call and they went to the river which fell the 3♣. Selbst quietly declared herself all-in and O'Dwyer tanked for a solid ten minutes, an audible sigh escaping his lips before he made a tortured fold.

steve_o'dwyer_mohegan_dun_2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6411.jpg

Steve O'Dwyer eyes Vanessa Selbst

"You're too good. I couldn't put you on a hand," O'Dwyer said as Selbst raked in just over 40% of his chips. O'Dwyer is down to 585,000 while Selbst is sitting on 2.725 million. --KB

vanessa_selbst_mohegan_sun_2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6428.jpg

Vanessa Selbst: Too good

12:41pm: A look at your final table
Here's a look at the final table players on their last opportunity to smile before putting on their game faces. --BW


NAPT Mohegan Sun final table

12:35pm: Cards in the air
As expected, the over took it, but play is finally underway. --KB

12:30pm: Getting closer-er
It looks like we might be getting close to started. The gallery is full, the players are getting their pictures take, and the media are at the ready. We'll be started in just a matter of minutes. --BW

12:16pm: Getting closer
Six of our final eight are in their seats and the other two are being miked up by ESPN. We'll set the over/under at a 12:30pm start (though I'd still take the over). --KB

11:26am: Final table to commence at Noon(ish?)
We've said it before and it certainly bears repeating this morning-- if you're suffering from a profound sense of deja vu when it comes to this final table, you're hardly alone. In a stunning repeat of events, Vanessa Selbst ended Day 3 of the NAPT Mohegan Sun as the chip leader, lost the lead on Day 4, and will arrive at the final table sometime in the next hour in second position. Today, Selbst is looking to make history not only as the first repeat NAPT champion (a tour that is only five events old, mind you) but as the first player to win the same poker major in back-to-back years. Remarkably enough, Selbst isn't the only player at this final table pursuing a second NAPT title. Season 1 Los Angeles champion Joe Tehan is looking to do the same. Both of them will have their hands full, though, with a formidable group of challengers including Steve O'Dwyer, Vincent Rubianes, and chip leader Tyler Kenney threatening their record-breaking runs.

Today's final table will be filmed for broadcast on ESPN and as these things go, we're nearly a lock for a late start this morning. Cameras are being positioned, the felt meticulously cleaned, and the players are trickling in following their pre-game interviews. We'll be here with wall-to-wall coverage until someone lays claim to the shiny silver trophy and the $450,000 grand prize.

Here's a look how our final eight stack up:

Seat 1: Joe Tehan (1,238,000)
Seat 2: Thomas Hoglund, Jr. (541,000)
Seat 3: Dan Shak (1,571,000)
Seat 4: Vincent Rubianes (1,711,000)
Seat 5: Steve O'Dwyer (1,032,000)
Seat 6: Tyler Kenney (3,021,000)
Seat 7: Aaron Overton (373,000)
Seat 8: Vanessa Selbst (2,249,000)


Final table chip leader Tyler Kenney

Reporting team: Kristin "change100" Bihr, Howard "Horseradish" Swains, Brad "Otis" Willis
Photography: Joe Giron

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