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NAPT Mohegan Sun Final Table: Levels 27-30 updates (60,000-120,000-10,000)

napt-thumb.jpg10:31pm: Selbst secures second NAPT title, Dan Shak eliminated in second place
Pop the champagne corks, poker fans--Vanessa Selbst has done it. Back-to-back NAPT Mohegan Sun titles.

On the second hand after we returned from the break, Dan Shak limped in on the button and Vanessa Selbst checked her option. The flop came down K♠7♦3♠ and Selbst checked to Shak, who bet 300,000. Selbst raised to 625,000, Shak immediately moved all-in and Selbst just as quickly called.

Shak J♥7♥
Selbst K♣7♣

Selbst had nearly flopped him dead, Shak drawing only to running jacks against her kings up. It was all over on the turn when the 5♥ hit the felt, the river falling the 2♥ to seal Selbst's remarkable repeat win here at Mohegan Sun. She'll take home $450,000, while Shak earned $254,000 for his runner-up finish.

Congratulations to Vanessa Selbst on her historic run, which puts her over the $4.1 million mark in career tournament earnings and third on the Womens' All-Time Money List. Stay tuned for a full wrap. --KB

LEVEL UP: PLAYING 60,000-120,000-10,000 BLINDS IN LEVEL 30

Hands 50-59: Selbst chips away at Shak's comeback
Dan Shak's comeback was all but erased in hands 50-59. The chip counts as the players take a 15-minute break look like this:

Selbst: 8,875,000
Shak: 2,835,000

Here are the hands.

Hand 50: Selbst limped in and Shak checked his option. On a flop of 3♥T♣K♠, both players checked. Shak checked the 8♠ turn, Selbst bet 175,000, Shak raised to 400,000, and Selbst folded. -

Hand 51: Shak raised to 250,000 pre-flop and Selbst folded.

Hand 52: Selbst raised to 200,000 and Shak folded.

Hand 53: Shak limped in, Selbst raised, Shak folded, and Selbst showed a pair of nines.

Hand 54: Selbst limped in and Shak checked his option. On a flop of 2♠5♥. Selbst bet 125,000 and Shak called. The T♠ came on the turn. Shak checked and Selbst bet 280,000. Shak then raised to 680,000. Selbst made the call. The river was the 3♠. Shak bet 800,000 and Selbst called. K♦2♦. Selbst showed A♦td] for a pair of tens and the win.

Hand 55. The two players saw a flop of 9♥6♣A♥. Selbst checket, Shak bet 100,000 and Selbst folded.

Hand 56: Selbst raised to 200,000, and Shak folded.

Hand 57: Shak raised to 200,000 and Selbst folded.

Hand 58: Selbst raised to 200,000 and Shak called. On a flop of K♣Q♣K♥, Shak checked, and Selnst checked behind. The A♦ came on the turn. Selbst bet 160,000. Shak raised to 400,000. Selbst folded and Shak picked up the pot.

Hand 59: Shak folded and Selbst won the pot.

vanessa_selbst_mohegan_sun 2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6752.jpg

Vanessa Selbst with chips

9:48pm: Hands 40-49-- Shak doubles through Selbst, misses value on nut boat
Dan Shak managed to make a bit of a comeback over the last ten hands. He doubled up with a straight against Selbst's nut flush draw on Hand 42, but could not get paid off on the full house he turned on Hand 45. Currenlty Selbst is on 7.1 million in chips while Shak is up to about 4.6 million.

Hand 40: Selbst opened for 200,000 on the button and Shak called. Shak checked the 4♥J♠8♥ flop over to Selbst, who bet 260,000. Shak folded and Selbst won the pot.

Hand 41: Shak limped in on the button and Selbst checked her option. Selbst led out for 100,000 on the 5♣J♥A♣ flop and Shak folded. She showed the J♠.

Hand 42: Selbst limped in and Shak checked from the big blind. The flop was 8♥7♣4♥ and Shak checked to Selbst, who bet 125,000. Shak raised to 375,000, Selbst moved all-in and Shak called.

Selbst A♥3♥
Shak 5♦6♦

Shak flopped an eight-high straight but Selbst had outs to an ace-high flush draw. She missed on the turn when the 6♣ fell, and again on the river with the J♦. Shak doubled to just over 4 million, leaving Selbst on 7.7 million.

Hand 43: Shak raised to 250,000 and Selbst folded.

Hand 44: Selbst raised to 200,000 and Shak folded.

Hand 45: Shak raised to 250,000, Selbst three-bet to 500,000 and Shak called. The flop fell K♣7♣7♥ and both players checked. Same story when the A♣ came on the turn. The river was the T♦ and Shak cut out a 1,000,000-chip bet. After talking through the hand out loud and speculating about Shak's hand, Selbst decided on a fold. Good thing she did--Shak showed pocket aces for the nut boat.

Hand 46: Selbst raised to 200,000 and Shak folded.

Hand 47: Shak gave Selbst a walk

Hand 48: Selbst raised to 200,000 and Shak called. Shak led out for 200,000 on the 2♥J♠8♦ flop and Selbst called. The turn was the Q♦ and Shak checked to Selbst , who bet 580,000. Shak folded and Selbst won the pot.

Hand 49: Shak raised to 250,000 and Selbst folded. --KB

9.30pm: Another ten hands

Hand 30 - Selbst limped from the small blind and Shak checked. The flop came 9♣5♠3♥, which they both checked, to take them to a A♣ turn. Selbst bet 125,000, called by Shak, and the 7♣ rivered. This time Selbst bet 400,000 and Shak called again, only to be shown the 3♣4♣ for a flush. Selbst took it.

Hand 31 - Shak raised pre-flop to 250,000 and Selbst let him have it.

Hand 32 - Selbst raised to 200,000 and Shak called. The flop was 3♣2♦K♣ and Selbst's bet took it. "Unstoppable!" bellowed one of Selbst's fan club in the bleachers.

Hand 33 - Shak folds.

Hand 34 - Selbst made up Shak's big blind and Shak moved all in. Selbst wasn't having any of that and folded. Shak still has less than two million chips. Selbst has close to nine million.

Hand 35 - Shak limped from the small blind, and Selbst raised 200,000 more. Shak called. That took them to a 8♦2♦6♠ flop and Selbst bet 250,000. Shak called. The 4♦ turned and Selbst fired again, this time for 300,000. Shak folded, and Selbst showed A♦K♦ for the turned nut flush. "I thought you were going to shove some time in that hand," Selbst said.

Hand 36 - Selbst open shoved, which, of course, is simply asking Shak if he fancies playing for all his chips. He didn't. He folded.

Hand 37 - Shak moves all in and Selbst calls! This could be it...

Selbst: K♣J♣
Shak: Q♥6♥

Selbst is miles ahead, and the 4♣T♦3♥ doesn't change that. The turn, however, comes 6♣, which puts Shak into the lead.

Selbst still had plenty of outs, but the T♥ isn't one of them. That gave Shak the double up and he now has about 3.5 million. Most importantly, he's still alive.


Dan Shak doubles up

Hand 38 - Selbst raised. Shak folded.

Hand 39 - Shak folded. -- HS

9:16pm: Hands 21-29-- Selbst steamrolling
How about some more hands? Here's another nine, which saw Vanessa Selbst chip up to nearly 10 million via a series of small pots, while Shak slipped to 1.8 million.

Hand 21: In a limped pot, Selbst led out for 150,000 on a K♦J♣3♥ flop and Shak folded.

Hand 22: Selbst opened for 200,000 and Shak called. Both players checked the 8♠5♦2♠ flop. When the J♣ hit the turn, Shak bet 200,000 and Selbst called. The river was the 5♠ and they checked it down. Selbst's A-Q high was good.

Hand 23: Shak limped in on the button and Selbst checked her option. THe A♦J♣7♣A♥4♠ board was checked through the turn before Selbst put in a 115,000 bet on the river. Shak folded and Selbst took it down.

Hand 24: Selbst opened for 200,000, Shak three-bet to 600,000 and Selbst folded.

Hand 25: Shak gave Selbst a walk.

Hand 26: Selbst did the same for Shak.

Hand 27: Another limped pot. Selbst check-folded to Shak's 300,000 bet on a A♠Q♠3♣ flop.

Hand 28: Selbst opened for 200,000 and Shak called, only to fold to her continuation bet on a Q-5-3 rainbow flop.

Hand 29: Shak opened for 250,000 and Selbst caled. Both players checked the J♥6♥4♣ flop. The turn came the 5♠ and Selbst bet 340,000. Shak gave up his hand and Selbst took the pot. --KB

9:03pm: A brief recap
You can see the first 20 hands below, but the only one that really matters after the first 45 minutes of play is the one in which Selbst turned the tables. Selbst started off heads-up play by keeping the pots small. She won most of them, and only stumbled when she ran into Shak's very disguised quad kings. That cost Selbst a bit of her stack, but not so much that she couldn't turn Shak upside down and shake out his pockets when she played kings as straightforwardly as she could and got paid off for everything she had in front of her after flopping middle set. The chip stacks are now reversed from where they were when Shak and Selbst got heads up. --BW


Vanessa Selbst on her way to the chip lead

8:59pm: Hands 13-20--Shak pulls quads, but Selbst now leads
In the hands below, you might just want to check out the last one. It explains how the chips now look something like this:

Dan Shak: 3.25 million
Vanessa Selbst; 8.3 million

Hand 13: Shak limped in and Selbst checked her option. On a J♠3♠A♥ flop, both players checked. The dealer put out the 6♣ on the turn. Selbst check-folded to a bet from Selbst.

Hand 14: Selbst limped in and Shak checked in the big blind. On the T♣Q♠4♣ flop, Selbst bet 155,000. The turn brought the T♠. Shak checked and Selbst checked behind. On the K♣ river, Shak checked again and Selbst checked behind. Shak showed J♥4♥ for bottom pair and the win.

Hand 15: Shak folded pre-flop and Selbst won the blinds and antes.

Hand 16: After the level went up, Selbst min-raised to 200,00. The flop came down K♠K♣7♥. Shak checked, Selbst bet 210,00 and Shak called. The 8♥ came on the turn. Both players checked to 2♠ on the river. Shak bet 500,000 and Selbst called and let her mouth hang open a little but when Shak showed her...pocket kings...for quads.

Hand 17: Shak raised to 200,000 and Selbst folded.

Hand 18: Shak raised to 200,000 and Selbst folded

Hand 19: Shak limped in and Selbst checked her option. The flop was the K♥7♥7♠. Both players checked and saw the 8♥ on the turn. Two more checks to the 5♦ on the river. Two more checks and Shak's queen-high wins it.

Hand 20: Selbst raised to 200,000 and Shak re-popped it to 600,000. Selbst didn't back down and bumped it up to 1.3 million. Shak made the call. The flop brought A♦2♠K♥. Shak checked and Selbst fired out 800,000. Shak moved all in. Selbst snap-called with K♦K♠. Shak held K♣Q♣. The J♣ came on the turn. The river was the J♠ giving Selbst kings full and the massive pot.--BW

8.50pm: Counts
The approximate chip counts at this stage are:

Dan Shak 6,000,000
Vanessa Selbst 5,600,000

Ms Selbst is coming back. -- HS

LEVEL UP. PLAYING 50,000-100,000 IN LEVEL 29

8:40pm: Hands 11-12 of heads up play--Selbst wins a big one

Hand 11: Shak raised to 200,000 and Selbst folded.

Hand 12: Selbst raised to 175,000 and Shak called. On a 4♠J♣9♣ flop, Shak checked and Selbst bet 155,000. Shak, in his first display of aggression since heads-up play began, raised to 355,000. Selbst wasn't ready to go away and made the call. The dealer put out the 9♦ on the turn. Shak led at the pot for 500,000, and Selbst called. The river brought the 4♦. Shak put out a bet of 800,000. Selbst announced she was all-in and Shak went into the tank. He rested his cheek on his hands, looked at Selbst for about a minute, and folded. Score the first big one for Selbst. --BW

8:32pm: The first ten hands of heads-up play

Hand 1: Selbst took it down on the turn for a min-bet.

Hand 2: Selbst limped in. Both players checked the J♦4♠3♦ flop. On the 5♠ turn, Shak bet 100,000 and Selbst called. The 9♥ came on the river. 200,000 from Selbst on the river. Selbst called with a three in her hand. Shak announced eight-high and mucked.

Hand 3: Another to Slebst, uncontested.

Hand 4: Selbst limped in. Shak raised to 400,000 and Selbst folded.

Hand 5: Shak gives Selbst a walk.

Hand 6: Selbst min-raised to 160,000 and Shak called. The flop came out A♦T♠5♠. Shak checked and Selbst bet 140,000. Shak folded.

Hand 7: Shak called, Selbst checked her option to the Q♥J♣4♣ flop. Both players checked. The 3♣ came on the turn. Both players checked again. The river was the K♣. Selbst min-bet 80,000 and Shak folded.

Hand 8: Selbst raised to 160,000 and Shak called. On a flop of 2♠T♣A♠, Shak checked, and Selbst checked behind. The 4♠ came on the turn. Shak checked, then folded to a 180,000 bet from Selbst.

Hand 9: Shak raised to 200,000 and Selbst folded.

Hand 10: Selbst Made it 160,000 and Shak folded.

8:13pm: Cards back in the air
We have an obscene amount of BBQ in our bellies and hopefully our two remaining gladiators are similarly sated after the one-hour break. Action has just resumed, and Poker Dog has taken front-row seat alongside Team Selbst. --KB


7pm: Schedule change
We're going to take a one-hour dinner break. Play will resume at 8pm. Join us, and Poker Dog, after the break!

6:55pm: Heads-up chip counts

Here's how our final two are stacked going in to heads-up play:

Dan Shak 8,650,000
Vanessa Selbst 3,025,000

6:48pm: Tyler Kenney eliminated in third place
Dan Shak opened to 200,000 and Tyler Kenney moved all-in. Shak snap-called with A♥Q♠. Kenney was in rough shape with A♠7♣ and didn't improve on the 9♥J♥8♥T♣4♥ board. Kenney banks $170,000 - and a hug from Vanessa Selbst.


Tyler Kenney eliminated...


...and consoled by Vanessa Selbst

There is going to be a ten-minute break before we begin heads-up play. Approximate counts have Dan Shak with a 8.6 million to 3 million lead.--BW

6:38: Kenney's river raise shakes Shak
Dan Shak and Tyler Kenney limped in from the blinds and saw a Q♠6♦5♦ flop. Shak checked, Kenney bet 100,000 and Shak made the call. Both players checked the 4♥ on the turn. The river fell the 3♠ and Shak tossed in another 100,000-denomination chip only to watch Kenney raise to 325,000. Shak quickly folded and Kenney took down the pot. --KB

6:09pm: Selbst doubles, poker dog scored with assist
Tyler Kenney opened to 200,000 from the button and short-stacked Vanessa Selbst shoved for 1.2 million from the small blind. Dan Shak folded, but Kenney made the quick call with A♥K♦.

Selbst was in bad shape with A♣5♥. Selbst's rail squeezed up to the flop-cam monitor. Included in the rail is a labrador retriever service dog that has become the de facto mascot for Team Selbst today. One of Selbst's friends muttered, "Come on, poker dog."*


Poker Dog on Vanessa Selbst's rail at Mohegan Sun

The dog must have done the trick. Selbst hit a five on the flop.

vanessa_selbst_mohegan_sun_2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6658.jpg

Vanessa Selbst spikes a five to stay alive

Kenney couldn't find a king on the turn or river and Selbst is back up to 2.5 million. --BW

*Later immortalized in song by falsetto's Brad Willis.

6pm: Break counts
Here are the three handed chip counts at the latest break:

Dan Shak: 6,950,000
Tyler Kenney: 3,525,000
Vanessa Selbst: 1,280,000

LEVEL UP. BLINDS 40,000-80,000-10,000

5:46pm: Shak looking unbeatable
Tyler Kenney came in for a raise to 140,000 and got calls from both Vanessa selbst and Dan Shank. On a 8♣8♥Q♦ flop Selbst and Shak both check-called a 160,000 bet from Kenney.

The 9♦ turn drew a check from Selbst, but this time Shak came out betting 250,000. Kenney gave up, but Selbst raised to 750,000. Shak made the call.

When the K♠ fell on the river, Selbst checked. Shak didn't think for long before moving all-in. Selbst wasted no time in folding and gave up the giant pot to Shak.

dan_shak_mohegan_sun_2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6649.jpg

Dan Shak with his chip lead

Players are now on a 15-minute break. --BW

5:40pm: Selbst takes it sans showdown
Tyler Kenney limped in on the button and Vanessa Selbst made it an additional 135,000 to go from the small blind. Dan Shak folded and Kenney made the call. The J♠7♦6♠ flop saw Kenney call Selbst's 155,000 bet, which both players followed up with checks when the 3♣ fell on the turn. The river was the 4♥. Selbst bet 365,000 but it was too rich for Kenney, who mucked his hand. With that pot, Selbst is back up to 2.3 million while Kenney fell to 3.8 million. --KB

5.25pm: Thomas Hoglund Jr. out in fourth, winning $120,000
Tom Hoglund Jr., who has done a good job of staying out of trouble and moving into the final four, could go no further. He is out in fourth, winning $120,000 for his week in Connecticut.

Hoglund shoved his short stack all in from the button and was called by the mighty towers of Tyler Kenney. Kenney also had the best hand when they were showndown:

Hoglund: Q♥9♠
Kenney: A♠7♦

Both players flopped pairs on the A♣Q♦6♥ board, but Hoglund couldn't get any further help on the 5♣ turn and the 8♦ river and that meant he was sent to the rail. -- HS

thomas_hoglund_jr_mohegan_sun_2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6638.jpg

The game is up for Thomas Hoglund Jr

5.05pm: Rubianes out in fifth, winning $90,000
Vincent Rubianes was close to a triple up, but now he's close to the cash cage. He is out.

Tyler Kenney opened to 140,000 and Dan Shak called. Sensing that potential triple up, Vincent Rubianes decided this was his chance and moved all in for 155,000.

The flop came 3♣4♦2♦ and Kenney bet 160,000. Shak mucked, leaving Rubianes and Kenney to decide the former's tournament life.

Rubianes: A♦7♣
Kenney: K♥T♣

At this stage it looked good for a potentially life-saving moment for Rubianes. He only had a few outs to fade on turn and river. Howevever, both turn and river were horrible for him, coming K♦K♠, and that was that for Rubianes.

He is out in fifth for $90,000. -- HS

Vincent Rubianes_Mohegan Sun 2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6628.jpg

Vincent Rubianes departs in fifth place

4:59pm: Selbst doubles through Rubianes
On the shortstack and down to 1.2 million in chips, Vanessa Selbst open-pushed for around 1.1 million with K♦J♥. Vincent Rubianes called her with 8♦8♣. From the rail came the call of "One Time Chip!"

The flop came down K♥2♥7♥, leaving Rubianes with just one out...until the turn came the K♠. The opened up one more out for Rubianes. It didn't hit. The 4♣ came on the river and Selbst doubled to around 2.3 million. The hand left Vincent with 150,000. He'll be all in before I hit publish on this post. --BW

Vanessa Selbst_Mohegan Sun 2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6611.jpg

I'll take those back, thank you

4:50pm: Moving pictures

4:45pm: Shak seizes the chip lead, doubles through defending champ
On Day 1 of this event, we reported a hand where Dan Shak, quite literally asleep in the small blind, woke up to ace-six and ultimately called his opponent's re-shove, doubling his stack. The hand once again proved to be lucky for the New York City futures trader, as it just gave him a double-up through (formerly) second-in-chips Vanessa Selbst.

Selbst opened for her standard twice the big blind raise to 120,000, Shak three-bet to 400,000 and Selbst moved all-in. Shak didn't waste too much time in calling, revealing A♦6♥ to Selbst's 7♦7♠.

dan_shak_mohegan_sun_2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6583.jpg

Dan Shak can barely bear to look at the flop

Although Selbst's pair held on the T♥8♣4♥ flop, the A♥ on the turn left her drawing to only a single out as Shak picked up the nut flush draw. The river was the 9♦ and Selbst shed about two-thirds of her stack, leaving her on 1.2 million while Shak vaulted into the chip lead with over 4 million.

vanessa_selbst_mohegan_sun_2011_Main Event_Joe Giron_JGP6594.jpg

Vanessa Selbst: You can't win them all

Meanwhile, Vanessa Selbst's normally enthusiastic rail has been temporarily silenced. --KB

4:36pm: Small flop, small(ish) pot for Kenney
Tyler Kenney opened for a raise to 140,000 and got one caller in Vincent Rubianes. The flop fell 3♦2♠2♥ and Rubianes checked to Kenney, who made a 140,000 continuation bet. Rubianes called, and the 6♦ came on the turn. Rubianes checked a second time, Kenney made it 325,000 to go and it was enough to fold out Rubianes, our hooded leader adding a few more chips to his growing stack. --KB

4.30pm: Five for it
Welcome back to Connecticut, where there are five players still in the hunt for NAPT glory.

On the final hand of the past level, the NAPT Los Angeles champion Joe Tehan was eliminated, ending his hopes of becoming the first two-time NAPT champion.

But Vanessa Selbst, the only other player with that chance at the start of the tournament, could still pull it off. She not only remains at the final table, she is also the chip leader.

The full counts of the remaining five are as follows:

Vanessa Selbst: 3,230,000
Tyler Kenney: 3,200,000
Dan Shak: 2,135,000
Tom Hoglund: 1,590,000
Vincent Rubianes: 1,550,000

Blinds are now 30,000-60,000, meaning each small blind is now the equivalent of a starting stack in this tournament.


NAPT Mohegan Sun trophy

Reporting team: Kristin Bihr, Howard Swains and Poker's Brad Willis. Photography: Joe Giron.

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