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Dmitry Gromov wins Russian Poker Series Grand Final

ps_news_thn.jpgThe Russian Poker Series has finished its first season with Russia's Dmitry Gromov winning $201,362 for first place in Kiev.

On the last hand of the night, Shashkov raised preflop up to 250 000 chips, Gromov re-raised to 650,000. Shaskov quickly moved all-in and got the call.

Dmitry Gromov: T♥T♠
Denis Shashkov: A♣8♥

The board offered no help for Shashkov and he finished on a second place for $140,000. That left Gromov to collect the title.


The RPS Grand Final clocked in as the biggest poker tournament in the region. Nearly 300 players registered for the main event. The top 36 earned a piece of the $787 ,000 prize pool.

Meanwhile, Alexey Zharko won "Best Player of RPS Series" and Konstantin Puchkov was picked as "Player of the Year."

Congrats to Gromov for his championship win.

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