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RPS Kyiv: Final table

rpslogo.PNGby Pavel Sychev
Only a few minutes are left until the start of the final table of the PokerStars Russian Poker Series Kyiv main event. As you might remember, yesterday we got names of all final table players. Play will continue from level 22. Current chip leader is live pro from Chernovtsy (Ukraine) Nikolay Chorny. He has 2,003,000 chips in his stack. The second one is another famous offline player Valeriy Iliyakin with 1,624,000 chips.

Seat 1: Mikhail Shahnovich, Russia - 298,000 chips
Mikhail is a PokerStars player, winner of the PokerStars Sunday Million, frequent participant of big live events held by PokerStars (RPT, EPT). Mikhail managed to outstay most of the players and take a seat at the final table.

Seat 2: Sergey Shchiptsov, Russia - 400,000 chips
Experienced online player who doubled up two times in a row at the end of Day 3 and guaranteed himself place at the final table.

Seat 3: Nikolay Chorny - 2,003,000 chips
Strong offline player from Ukraine. He has vast experience in ring games and very good tournament results (he won one of the big side events of EPT Deauville and became champion of the first Championship of United Ukrainian Poker Sport Federation). He's played poker for more than 20 years.

Seat 4: Steven Taylor, UK - 725,000 chips
A young player from United Kingdom, who qualified for the RPS Main Event through a satellite on PokerStars. Today he has real chance of becoming the first non-Russian speaking Champion of the Russian Poker Series.

Seat 5: Kirill Telezhkin, Russia - 580,000 chips
In spite of his young age (18 years old), Kirill is a successful player and quite famous in the online poker community. His achievements include several cashes in online tournaments with total winnings of more than $50,000. Most of his opponents say that he's extremely good in understanding the game and prefers an aggressive style.


Kirill Telezhkin

Seat 6: Valeriy Iliyakin, Russia - 1,624,000 chips
Valeriy is a legend of the Russian poker scene and one of the most interesting and emotional players of this final table. Iliyakin is well-known among Russia's professional players. He has a number of successful big tournaments in his records. He's one of the first Russian players who started to participate in world-class tournaments, including tournaments in the USA. For the moment his best result if 7th place in the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final.

Seat 7: Mark Kitov, Russia - 812,000 chips
Mark is a young and experienced player, who for long time specialized in online heads-up tournaments. During the last two years Mark took part in different big tournaments in Russia and abroad.

Seat 8: Andrey Guliy, Russia - 779,000 chips
Andrey is a player from Russia and he's well-known in Moscow's poker community. He's a specialist in ring games and plays at a high level.

Seat 9: Alexey Zharko, Ukraine - 515,000 chips
Successful online player who specializes in MTTs. An interesting fact about Alexey is that he worked as a dealer and now is a manager of poker club.

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