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RPS Kyiv: Nikolay Chorny leads into final table

rpslogo.PNGby Pavel Sychev
Level 22 was the last level for today. Five players busted now we know the names of the final nine players. First, Mark Kitov knocked out Valeriy Novitskiy. Valeriy's А-7 didn't stand against Marks' A-J. After that, the most emotional player of the event, Valeriy Iliyakin eliminated two more players. His first victim was Ivan Kudryavtsev with A-K, who called Valeriy's all-in with J-T. And when ten hit the board, Ivan went home in 13th place.

Next was Vlad Zguba. Vlad pushed his chips in pre-flop with A-Q, but Valeriy answered with the call, holding A-K. There was an ace on the flop, and Valeriy received the pot thanks to higher kicker. Vlad Zguba - 12th place. Then Vitaliy Meshcheryakov finished 11th. He went all-in on pre-flop with A-K and chip leader Nikolay Chorny with A-J called. AJack came on the board.

And a couple of minutes later Steven Taylor eliminated Oleg Gaysyuk. So now we know all finalists and the play is over for today:

Seat 1: Mikhail Shahnovich, Russia - 298,000 chips
Seat 2: Sergey Shchiptsov, Russia - 400,000 chips
Seat 3: Nikolay Chorny - 2,003,000 chips
Seat 4: Steven Taylor, UK - 725,000 chips
Seat 5: Kirill Telezhkin, Russia - 580,000 chips
Seat 6: Valeriy Iliyakin, Russia - 1,624,000 chips
Seat 7: Mark Kitov, Russia - 812,000 chips
Seat 8: Andrey Guliy, Russia - 779,000 chips
Seat 9: Alexey Zharko, Ukraine - 515,000 chips


Nikolay Chorny

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