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Vladislav Tonkih wins RPS Kiev

rpslogo_net.PNGIt took four days of high-intensity action, but the final nine players of the Russian Poker Series even in Kiev finally faced off for a first prize worth more than $35,000.

Vladislav Tonkih had been atop the leaderboard for most of the tournament, so it was no surprise when he made it heads up against with Victor Levchenko.

After a long final table, Tonkih and Levchenko got it all in with Tonkih's ace-queen way ahead of Levchenko's ace-three. Both players flopped a straight draw, but Tonkih's ace-queen held up.


Vladislav Tonkih

Tonkih has been playing poker for about three years, the last two years professionally. He recently began playing live on the Russian Poker Series circuit and appears to be off to a good start.

Here's how the final table results looked.

RPS Kiev final table results

1. Vladislav Tonkih $35,547
2. Victor Levchenko $30,000
3. Dmitry Zhegulov $30,000
4. Sergey Topchiy $20,000
5. Samvel Mktrichan $11,200
6. Chulpan Garaev $10,000
7. Yaroslav Barvenko $10,000
8. Oleg Radochinskiy $5,700
9. Albert Mihayluta$ 4,700

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