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PokerStars Big Game back for second season

ps_news_thn.jpgBy now, if you haven't seen all there is to see in televised poker, you're probably doing it wrong. Over the past eight or so years, it seems we've seen every flop, turn, and river. We've seen the outbursts, the crying, and every possible gimmick the producers could imagine.

But...wait. Because I just saw something that made me want to keep watching.

This morning we learned that the PokerStars Big Game is coming back to the screen, and as part of the launch, we've been given a peek behind the scenes of the show. One of the clips shows the beginnings of a situation that could turn very ugly.

As you know, ol' Phil Hellmuth and Tony G. have had their run-ins over the years. In the clip below, the G. could rightly be accused of shooting an angle in a pretty serious way. Well, just watch and see what you think...

The G. My, oh, my.

We have to wait just a few days before the second season of the PokerStars Big Game kicks off again. Monday June 27 at 12:00 ET, the season kicks off with week 1. The first show show features Daniel Negreanu, Scott Seiver, Tony G, and former NBA star Bobby Sura.

If you don't recall, the Big Game puts top poker pros up against one amateur qualifier that is called, often rightly, the Loose Cannon. In the first week of the show, the Loose Cannon will be...oh, come, on. Really? Alright. In the first week of the show, the Loose Cannon is...Gonzales Cannon. Sounds rigged to me.

Here's a preview of week 1 in which we actually get to hear Tony G.'s last name actually said aloud and pronounced correctly.

Finally, we have this little clip that, if all of the above failed to get you amped up, should do the trick.

That's all we've been given so far. Like us, you'll have to wait until Monday for the kickoff of Season 2. Head on over to to see it all.


What? Me shoot an angle?

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