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Day 1B

Benton turns up the heat in Darwin

Today saw 30 players enter the SKYCITY Darwin Casino for Day 1b of the ANZPT Darwin Main Event, and despite the modest numbers, the field was loaded with well-known pros.Liam O'Rourke, John Apostolidis, Mario Ljubicic, Ryan McKay and Tim English were among the starters as well as ANZ Player of the Y...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on October 5, 2011 3:20 PM

ANZPT Darwin Day 1b: Level 5 (blinds 150-300, ante 25)

6:00pm: That's a wrap from DarwinWe've ended today's five levels of play with 21 players remaining and they'll be back to join the 26 survivors from yesterday for Day 2 of play tomorrow. Leading the way today is Aaron Benton who bagged up 58,075 chips while Liam O'Rourke (45,825), Ryan McKay (42,97...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on October 5, 2011 8:32 AM

ANZPT Darwin Day 1b: Levels 3-4 (blinds 100-200, ante 25)

4:45pm: Ten-minute break4:25pm: Benton blasts past the rocketsAnother on the move is 2009 APPT Sydney champ Aaron Benton as we've had another casualty from the ANZPT Darwin Main Event.We didn't catch the action but the cards were on their backs on the turn with Benton flopping a set holding 7♥7♦...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on October 5, 2011 6:24 AM

ANZPT Darwin Day 1b: Levels 1-2 (blinds 75-150)

2:35pm: Ten-minute break2:30pm: Furniture John lands the limp-raiseJohn Apostolidis limped in from under the gun before PokerStars qualifier Ryan McKay announced a raise to 500. Play folded back around to Apostolidis who announced a re-raise to 2,150. After a quick look at his opponent's stack, Mc...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on October 5, 2011 2:34 AM