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Season 5

ANZPT Repechage: Escape the Winter chill in the Hot Zone

Saturday nights can be a crazy time to be in the Crown Poker Room. As the night draws on there is always an increasingly diverse range of people that stumble their way through the room. The fellas have come from the footy, the girls are on their way to the clubs and most have had more than their sh...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on June 1, 2013 8:50 AM

ANZPT Repechage: An orbit with Dejan

Day 1c of the ANZPT Repechage Main Event is over the half way point as our field is starting to reduce. We started with over 350 entrants with around half of those still alive. One of them is a young man who has taken the ANZPT by storm in Bosnia's Dejan Divkovic.Divkovic is in red-hot form on the ...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on June 1, 2013 7:12 AM

ANZPT Repechage: Revenge of the reporter

Being a poker reporter is one of the best jobs in the world. We are very fortunate to travel the world to watch and write about the game we love, and we get paid to do so! But there's one thing we'd prefer to be doing than writing about poker, and that is playing ourselves. Jumping onto the felt, s...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on June 1, 2013 5:01 AM

ANZPT Repechage: In our own world

When you're sitting inside the Crown Poker Room to watch or play a poker tournament, you're totally removed from everything that's happening in the outside world. The poker room itself is like its own world, and we're locked away in a bunker, oblivious to what's going on outside of these walls.So w...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on June 1, 2013 3:25 AM

No fuss for Dan Neilson on Day 1b of ANZPT Repechage

Day 1b of the ANZPT Repechage Main Event brought together a very strong field of 254 entrants to quickly dispel any concerns over this tournament not meeting the $750,000 prize pool guarantee. With satellites pushed hard in the Crown Poker Room throughout the day, a massive field is expected tomorr...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on May 31, 2013 1:44 PM

ANZPT Repechage: TGIF

Friday night is my favourite time of the week. The working week has come to an end and it's a chance to put the feet up, grab a drink and relax.If you're in Melbourne then Friday night offers a plethora of things to see and do. Melbourne is renowned for its brilliant restaurants, while the bars and ...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on May 31, 2013 11:10 AM

ANZPT Repechage: Quality and quantity

Day 1b of the ANZPT Repechage Main Event is nearing the half-way mark and looking around the room we see a rather impressive field, both in terms of quality and quantity.Yesterday we mentioned how there were a few nervous thoughts about a potential overlay in this event with the advertised $750,000 ...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on May 31, 2013 8:34 AM

ANZPT Repechage: It's good to be home

We're lucky enough to come to the Crown Casino pretty regularly. Every month or so, we find ourselves back here in the poker room reporting on a major poker championships. This place is like a second home. Whether it's the Aussie Millions, WSOP-APAC, APPT or ANZPT, the Crown Poker Room is undoubte...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on May 31, 2013 6:52 AM

ANZPT Repechage: Thank God for the French

Repechage (French: repêchage, "fishing out, rescuing") is a practice amongst ladder competitions (those with a series of rounds of competition) that allows participants who failed to meet qualifying standards by a small margin to continue to the next round.The French were on to something when they c...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on May 31, 2013 5:23 AM

Hachem King on Day 1a of ANZPT Repechage

It was a miserable day in Melbourne today, but that didn't stop 224 entrants taking part on Day 1a of the historic ANZPT Repechage Main Event.It's an event that has brought a lot of hype and excitement. It's the first time a repechage format has been employed in an ANZPT Main Event and with a $750,...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on May 30, 2013 4:54 PM

ANZPT Repechage: The life cycle of a poker player

The Crown Poker Room has seen many transformations over the years. From the tables of Two-Card Manila in the back corner with registration on whiteboards, to the seventy-something tables and digital displays that are now spread throughout the basement level space here in the Crown Casino. Even toda...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on May 30, 2013 2:50 PM

ANZPT Repechage: Golden rule of guarantees

In the poker world, guarantees are made to be broken. We've seen it throughout Macau where the Red Dragon prize pool guarantees are always smashed. We've seen it online in the recent SCOOP series where over $75 million in prize money was given away. Will we see the same here in Melbourne for the AN...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on May 30, 2013 12:15 PM

ANZPT Repechage: Money talks

The money or the title? The cash or the glory? We all play poker tournaments for different reasons but it's the age-old question - would you prefer to take home the top prize or the trophy?It's possibly a question that many players in Australasia had to consider before playing in today's ANZPT Repec...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on May 30, 2013 9:47 AM

ANZPT Repechage shines through gloomy Melbourne skies

As I sit here and look out the window at a miserable, rainy Melbourne day, I can't help but think of Las Vegas. You may have heard that there's a little poker tournament called the World Series of Poker which has just kicked off in the scorching Nevada desert heat. Sure, I have moments of being some...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on May 30, 2013 5:35 AM

ANZPT Sydney: Give the Trophy to Dinesh

The last four days of poker have quite simply been riveting and true to form that was also the case during the heads-up battle. When the final two players started to fight it out for the title, Dinesh Alt had a huge chip lead with 7.2 million in chips going up against Dejan Divkovic's 2 million. We...more

by Joshua Bell on March 24, 2013 5:51 PM
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