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Season 5

ANZPT Sydney: Poker Coming to an End, Kick Off Almost Here

It was clear this morning that today was going to be a little different than yesterday. Not only were quite a few more tables decked out with ANZPT caps and chip stacks of 20,000, but our media desk had been moved to the opposite side of the room. We weren't sure at the time why it was moved, but no...more

by Joshua Bell on March 22, 2013 10:18 AM

ANZPT Sydney: So Close to Field Size Glory

It's that time of the day that we tell you all about the prize pool. That's right, all the numbers are in, the paper work has been done and the prizes have been locked in place. In the end it was 254 players who partook in the action on Day 1b, which added with the 206 (previously 209, but correcte...more

by Joshua Bell on March 22, 2013 8:46 AM

ANZPT Sydney: The International Invasion

One of the recurring jokes from the PokerStars team on the ANZPT is to say, "Lots of Russians playing this event." Of course, it's only ANZPT head honcho Danny McDonagh being sarcastic as there always seems to be several Russians on the online qualifier list, and then unsurprisingly, the same amoun...more

by Joshua Bell on March 22, 2013 6:59 AM

ANZPT Sydney: Three Red Spades

Boy was ANZPT head honcho Danny McDonagh way off with that 222-player line he set for today's Day 1b flight. We are sure he isn't too upset though as the more than 256 players who have already sat down today mean that this year's ANZPT Sydney Main Event is set to become the second largest in the to...more

by Joshua Bell on March 22, 2013 5:11 AM

ANZPT Sydney: Setting Lines on Day 1b

One of the usual talking points before the start of the final Day 1 flight is how many players us here in the media think will take to the felt. Last night (Read: only a few hours ago) 209 players partook in Day 1a of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. This morning, ANZPT head honcho Danny McDonagh has s...more

by Joshua Bell on March 22, 2013 3:19 AM

ANZPT Sydney: Benson Booms into Boss Mode on Day 1a

Right at this very moment, at least a couple of hundred poker players are getting some much-needed sleep before they head into The Star for the second and final Day 1 flight of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event. It's a different story for the approximately 100 players who have just played Day 1a and surv...more

by Joshua Bell on March 21, 2013 4:57 PM

ANZPT Sydney: Friendly Rivalries

Melbourne and Sydney have a unique rivalry. It's that kind of rivalry that can only be compared to how brothers and sisters fight and bicker, but at the end of the day, they are friends. From arguments as to which is the best city, to whether or not NRL (Rugby) is better than AFL (Aussie Rules Foot...more

by Joshua Bell on March 21, 2013 3:43 PM

ANZPT Sydney: WSOP Champs Everywhere

There have been twelve WSOP gold bracelets awarded to Australians over the last three decades. Eight of those twelve belong to poker players currently at the tables of ANZPT Sydney here at The Star. That's a whole lot of gold, a whole lot of cash and a whole lot of worries for the opponents of the ...more

by Joshua Bell on March 21, 2013 1:52 PM

ANZPT Sydney: Two cards or four, it doesn't matter

With the tournament clock telling us there is more than 200 players registered on Day 1a of ANZPT Sydney, it's somewhat easy for all the players to start looking the same. Hoodies, hats and headphones at every table... Rinse, repeat. One player who stands out like a sore thumb, and for more reasons...more

by Joshua Bell on March 21, 2013 11:43 AM

ANZPT Sydney: Bright Eyed and Hopeful

The most interesting aspect of the early stages of any Day 1 is who is at the tables. Having a walk around the poker room here at The Star, which is split up into two areas separated by at least 50 metres of casino floor, and it is clear that the players have one thing in common - they are all brigh...more

by Joshua Bell on March 21, 2013 9:58 AM

ANZPT Sydney: In the Beginning...

From the Harbour Bridge to the Opera House, no one can deny that Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It's always a pleasure to make the trek to Sydney for the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour and that's no different this week as the beginning of the ANZPT Sydney Main Event is ju...more

by Joshua Bell on March 21, 2013 7:55 AM

Victory for Bosnia! Dejan Divkovic wins ANZPT Perth title

We were anticipating a lengthy battle between two deep-stacked, highly-skilled players, but Iori Yogo and Dejan Divkovic possibly had a plane to catch back home as our two international players stepped up the aggression to new heights for their heads-up contest.Yogo gained the early advantage and ha...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on February 24, 2013 11:44 AM

ANZPT Perth: And then there were two...

Philip Gidley-King had been battling hard with his short stack for most of this final table. He had been very tight, but in his defence, it's been extremely tough for him to get a word in with Iori Yogo, Dale Marsland and Dejan Divkovic so incredibly active in this four-handed battle.With plenty of...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on February 24, 2013 10:19 AM

ANZPT Perth: Wilford and Evans grounded

The chips have been moving around on this ANZPT Perth final table as we inch closer to crowning a champion. Dale Marsland is the man in the box seat at the moment after a rather incredible hand against Iori Yogo. Marsland three-bet preflop, then bet and three-bet on a ten-high flop with K♥Q♥ f...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on February 24, 2013 9:13 AM

ANZPT Perth: Short stacks silenced

It's been a tale of two contrasting styles with our short stacks here at the ANZPT Perth final table. But ultimately the end result has been the same with Luke Brabin and James Broom both recently hitting the rail.After landing a much-needed double up, James Broom was "jabbing" away at plenty of po...more

by Heath "TassieDevil" Chick on February 24, 2013 7:49 AM
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