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Armenian winner in Weekly Round 2

The weekly round 2 event was rocked last weekend with its first Armenian winner, at least since I can remember. Artak1974 was the victor, finishing first in a field of thousands, claiming $287.60 ahead of 702 players who received real money prizes for playing.

Whilst Sunday saw an even bigger field, paying out 801 places, top of which was Shakaje from Brazil, the land of Team PokerStars Pros Andre Akkari and Alexander Gomes. Shakaje took $276 for first place.

Congratulations to everyone who cashed. Here’s a look at those final tables...

Weekly Round 2 results (Saturday 20 September)

1. artak1974 (Armenia) $287.60
2. ToroTrainer (Canada) $166.00
3. STL Mike1950 (United States) $100.00
4. ladyo11 (United States) $80.00
5. Dr Deth (United States) $62.00
6. matrix1241 (Canada) $50.00
7. RailBirb (United States) $39.00
8. CPT.TRIPPPS (Australia) $30.00
9. wtw53 (United States) $22.20

702nd IGOTTHIS09 (United States) $0.80

Weekly round 2 results (Sunday 21 September)

1. Shakaje (Brazil) $276.00
2. DFitz06 (United States) $164.00
3. tomhow1975 (Canada) $100.00
4. haugberg (Norway) $80.00
5. xlostagainx (United States) $62.00
6. fure-eus (Ireland) $50.00
7. allright79 (France) $39.00
8. framis41 (United States) $30.00
9. BJDavey (United States) $22.20

801st Herzblatt76 (Germany) $0.60

As we say every week, qualifying for one of the two weekly events is easy. All it takes is for you to play in one of the Astronomer freerolls in the lobby and finish within the top number of tables specified in the event details. That wins you a place in the Weekly round 2 event at the weekend.

The astronomer freerolls run several times a day so there’s always another coming along should you not be successful first time.

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