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Whilst the EPT rattles on in Budapest it's that point where we salute two more winners in the weekly round two events on from last weekend, each collecting $276 for a buy-in totally zero. Absolutely nothing.

The weekly round two tournaments take place each weekend, one on Saturday, the other on Sunday, giving you the opportunity of not only playing in perhaps the best weekly freeroll anywhere but also of winning real money. For many the WR2 is the start of a blossoming poker career.

That might be on the mind of two players after last weekend. Ades2000 of Turkey being the first and meteetse of the United States being the second. Congratulations to both and to all who made the money.

Weekly round two results (Saturday 25 October)

1. Ades2000 (Turkey) $276.00
2. John Tupare (United States) $164.00
3. MOTOWN PRO (United States) $100.00
4. Aus@ce (Australia) $80.00
5. friesenrath (Germany) $62.00
6. atl.chris (United States) $50.00
7. CURB (United States) $39.00
8. ZIGGIE_DB (Netherlands) $30.00
9. greenlitro (United States) $22.20

801st The Chadow (United States) $0.60

Weekly round two results (Sunday 26 October)

1. meteetse (United States) $276.00
2. cabsta (New Zealand) $164.00
3. Thulk530 (United States) $100.00
4. dan.p1989 (Germany) $80.00
5. lt206bc (United States) $62.00
6. Vukodlok (United States) $50.00
7. MenchoCR (Costa Rica) $39.00
8. m00gle (United States) $30.00
9. najtreg12 (Netherlands) $22.20

801st korek68 (United States) $0.60

Qualifying for weekly round two events is very easy. All it takes is for you to play in one of the freerolls scheduled in the lobby and finish within the top number of tables specified in the event details. The freerolls are easy to spot being named after famous astronomical figures such as Hubble, Copernicus and Sagan. These qualifying events run several times a day so there’s always another coming along should you not be successful first time.

Good luck!

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