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More from the weekly round two

A European Poker Tour event wrapped up in Budapest, another leg of the Latin America Poker Tour about to begin in Costa Rica. That means there’s time in between to catch up on the latest results in the Weekly Round two events held last weekend.

This week the two big prizes went to Holland and to Canada, with players from India, Russia, Brazil and beyond picking up good pay days. On Saturday allusderin took honours and $276, whilst on Sunday the possibly split personality of semi & muki did the same. Congratulations to both players and to everyone who cashed at the weekend.

Here are the full results.

Weekly round two results (Saturday 1 November)

1. allusderin (Netherlands) $276.00
2. Cheeaaah (India) $164.00
3. yyyyyyy (United States) $100.00
4. OBNON (Russian Federation) $80.00
5. luckyseb94 (France) $62.00
6. wofala (Germany) $50.00
7. facundo23 (Peru) $39.00
8. Digger Dave (United States) $30.00
9. ROLLEMOUT (United States) $22.20

801st mr2wheeler (United States) $0.60

Weekly round two results (Sunday 2 November)

1. semi & muki (Canada) $276.00
2. sixxfo64 (United States) $164.00
3. joselico (Spain) $100.00
4. rockboy3000 (Australia) $80.00
5. PARAC007 (United States) $62.00
6. sobaka-ru (Russian Federation) $50.00
7. mazeeff (United States) $39.00
8. Cromvelle (Russian Federation) $30.00
9. Tsuyoine (Brazil) $22.20

801st tbob99 (United States) $0.60

Qualifying for weekly round two events is simple. Just play in one of the freerolls scheduled in the lobby and finish within the top number of tables, as specified in the tournament information. The freerolls are named after famous astronomical figures such as Hubble, Copernicus and Sagan so are easy to spot and they run several times each day. There’s always another coming soon if you miss out the first time.

Good luck!

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