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More WR2 winners

Another weekend of WR2 action and another two players coming away from a free to enter tournament with $276.

This weekend that honour went to gigmoe69 on Saturday and our9lives on Sunday, both of whom showed great skill and guile to steer past fields of thousands.

Here’s a look at the detail...

Weekly round two results (Saturday 18 October)

1. gigmoe69 (United States) $276.00
2. Wild[invalid card] (Germany) $164.00
3. markus5779 (Belgium) $100.00
4. PokerManJan (United States) $80.00
5. pfb69 (United Kingdom) $62.00
6. vahunter777 (United States) $50.00
7. jasonwoodman (United States) $39.00
8. gadiengelman (Israel) $30.00
9. deniz29 (Germany) $22.20

801st Sofiqneca99 (Bulgaria) $0.60

Weekly round two results (Sunday 19 October)

1. our9lives (United States) $276.00
2. tjl2007 (United States) $164.00
3. ajellac2008 (Spain) $100.00
4. Bobby78K (France) $80.00
5. eimexMA (Germany) $62.00
6. Joanie1987 (Canada) $50.00
7. snaig2121 (United Kingdom) $39.00
8. jota carl (Spain) $30.00
9. Pokerbuer (Germany) $22.20

801st nikkal69 (United States) $0.60

Congratulations to everyone who cashed.

Qualifying for weekly round two events is easy. All it takes is for you to play in one of the Astronomer freerolls in the lobby and finish within the top number of tables specified in the event details. That wins you a place in either event at the weekend.

The astronomer freerolls run several times a day so there’s always another coming along should you not be successful first time.

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