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The best freeroll in town

It remains the most competitive freeroll poker tournament on Pulling together the best players on the site into two tournaments every week where the winners, and a few hundred others, can turn nothing into real money. It is of course the Weekly Round 2 event.

All it takes for you to take part yourself is to play in one of the daily Astronomer freerolls on, easily spotted in the tournament lobby with names like Hawking, Hubble, Galileo and Sagan and highlighted in maroon. Finish within the number of tables specified and you have your ticket to the big show at the weekend.

As for last weekend the honour of winning went to Johnny12270 on Saturday and Italian player massimo65 on Sunday, each of whom collected $276 ahead of just over 800 players who received real money payouts for their effort.

Well done to everyone who made the money. Here’s a full run down of the results...

Weekly round two results (Saturday 11 October)

1. Johnny12270 (United States) $276.00
2. pawrock46 (United States) $164.00
3. bculli (United States) $100.00
4. swiggle (United States) $80.00
5. min3838 (Lithuania) $62.00
6. denisur (Spain) $50.00
7. big1200 (United States) $39.00
8. bls1981 (United States) $30.00
9. ericeze7 (United States) $22.20

801st Wh1zzy (Netherlands) $0.60

Weekly round two results (Sunday 12 October)

1. massimo65 (Italy) $276.00
2. Puhich (Russian Federation) $164.00
3. Amade (United States) $100.00
4. harveydog (United States) $80.00
5. lhein1 (Denmark) $62.00
6. galaxz (United States) $50.00
7. tks234 (United States) $39.00
8. lincbob (United States) $30.00
9. cml40 (United States) $22.20

801st nichols1233 (United States) $0.60

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