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The latest from the Weekly Round 2

The weekly round 2 was dominated by players from the United States last weekend with seven of Saturdays finalists hailing from the land of the free and the same again on Sunday, a level of success only matched it seems by the country’s swimmers in Olympic pools.

‘CASHGAMBLE’ was paid off on Saturday with $276, finishing first ahead of 801 others paid for their efforts from a field of thousands. On Sunday it was ‘pogmotuin’ who aside from having one of those names that begs the question ‘what does that mean?’ also has $276 to his name, finishing first in a field as big as the day before.

Congratulations to all players and remember the next events are only a few days away. Qualifying for one of the two weekly events is easy and a great way to get some practice at tournament poker. All you need to do is play in one of the Astronomer freerolls in the lobby and finish within the top number of tables specified in the details.

The astronomer freerolls run several times a day so there’s never long to wait and if you’re successful your ticket into the Weekly Round 2 could see you win a cash prize.

In the meantime here’s a recap of last weekend’s results...

Weekly round 2 results (Saturday 16 August)

1. CASHGAMBLE (United States) -- $276.00
2. needanecho (United States) -- $164.00
3. mustangs8 (United States) -- $100.00
4. fsuman240 (United States) -- $80.00
5. Bramshot (United States) -- $62.00
6. goldenwrigs (United States) -- $50.00
7. Hens1411 (Germany) -- $39.00
8. impact57 (United States) -- $30.00
9. Skkinally (Brazil) -- $22.20

801st barada777 (Georgia) -- $0.60

Weekly round 2 results (Sunday 17 August)

1. pogmotuin (United States) -- $276.00
2. looseplayr (United States) -- $164.00
3. lincoln65 (United States) -- $100.00
4. dgstyl (United States) -- $80.00
5. Action_DanAA (United States) -- $62.00
6. Mariorr (Spain) -- $50.00
7. ejf@sjg (United States) -- $39.00
8. feitctaj (United States) -- $30.00
9. Shimdoo (Austria) -- $22.20

801st HerrKaLeu (Germany) -- $0.60

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