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Weekly round 2 action

A double, bumper post of weekly round two results this week owing to the break last week to make room for a flood of results from the Asia Pacific Poker Tour in Macau (plus a high roller event), and the drama that unfolded at the European Poker Tour event in Barcelona.

The same huge fields took part over both of the last two weekends making for four new winners each receiving well over $250 for their efforts and all for the price of, well, nothing.

Two weeks ago it was a Dutch one-two with jackdempseyy and VanLaakus battling out heads-up for the $276 first prize. Then on the Sunday things returned stateside with mtcpf taking honours.

A week later the Saturday event was taken down by German player toenchen666 who picked up the same amount, whilst on the Sunday spyderlj did the same.

Here are full details of the results. Congratulations to everyone who cashed.

Weekly round 2 results (Saturday 6 September)

1. jackdempseyy (Netherlands) $276.00
2. VanLaakus (Netherlands) $164.00
3. doeybug (United States) $100.00
4. mao50 (Germany) $80.00
5. tartine46 (France) $62.00
6. cabemon (United States) $50.00
7. ianroy (United Kingdom) $39.00
8. xxlizardking (United States) $30.00
9. leox88 (Italy) $22.20

801st punkath (United States) $0.60

Weekly round 2 results (Sunday 7 September)

1. mtcpf( United States) $276.00
2. Jings II (Germany) $164.00
3. Sojobo (United States) $100.00
4. Greenbay (Sweden) $80.00
5. birddawg3 (United States) $62.00
6. troublenorth (Canada) $50.00
7. Jay-Bee-son (Canada) $39.00
8. igotnutsbaby (United Kingdom) $30.00
9. BigJohnnyGee (United States) $22.20

801st farul69 (Canada) $0.60

Weekly round 2 results (Saturday 13 September)

1. toenchen666 (Germany) $276.00
2. fortaner (Canada) $164.00
3. JustA_Hottie (United States) $100.00
4. mateiac (United States) $80.00
5. jewsack (United States) $62.00
6. polash (United States) $50.00
7. codfish (Canada) $39.00
8. sljack (United States) $30.00
9. xtrangekid (Portugal) $22.20

801st sonyhpsony (Philippines) $0.60

Weekly round 2 results (Sunday 14 September)

1. spyderlj (United States) $276.00
2. tripco (United States) $164.00
3. NEBalon (Canada) $100.00
4. rulban (France) $80.00
5. Turambar0815 (Germany) $62.00
6. John La Cat (United States) $50.00
7. leverman69 (United States) $39.00
8. 1sizeFitzall (Sweden) $30.00
9. sheriff1283 (India) $22.20

801st malims07 (Canada) $0.60

Qualifying for one of the two weekly events is straight forward, fun and easy. All that’s required is that you play in one of the Astronomer freerolls in the lobby and finish within the top number of tables specified in the details. That wins you a place in the Weekly round 2 event at the weekend.

The astronomer freerolls run several times a day so there’s never long to wait, and if you’re successful your ticket could see you win a cash prize.

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