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WR2: A whole year of winners

The turkey may be done and dusted, the eggnog drained and the Christmas socks put away for another year, but it's still the season to be jolly and few will be jollier than first time winners of the PokerStars Weekly Round 2 events over the last couple of weeks - a cash injection of Christmas cheer into seasonal festivities, whatever they might be.

Here are some numbers to run past you... two WR2 events each weekend with a first prize of $276, paying roughly 800 players in each event with a combined prize pool of $2,000. With some basic math scribbled on the back of an envelope that makes for $208,000 given away since last Christmas to more than 83,000 players. And all for free.

This week was no different. Lucky Pep#1 of Canada was first on Sunday ahead of BeKindToMe. Then on Sunday a USA double with PiVsY beating bowie1313 heads up.

Here are last weekend's results in full.

Weekly round 2 results - Saturday December 27

1. Lucky Pep#1 (Canada) - $276.00
2. BeKindToMe (United States) - $164.00
3. BN420 (United States) - $100.00
4. DmitrySol (Russia) - $80.00
5. (Slovenia) - $62.00
6. ednorman69 (United States) - $50.00
7. asuman61 (Turkey) - $39.00
8. iorio88 (Italy) - $30.00
9. barhard (United States) - $22.20

Weekly round 2 results - Sunday December 28

1. PiVsY (United States) - $305.00
2. bowie1313 (United States) - $180.00
3. Zorch12 (United States) - $103.80
4. sviveney (United States) - $86.00
5. audjw (United States) - $72.00
6. tmmiles (United States) - $60.00
7. Scubadiver11 (United Kingdom) - $48.00
8. ficko65 (Hungary) - $38.00
9. vikkon (Russia) - $17.60

Entry into the Weekly Round 2 is open to everybody simply by winning a ticket in one of the Astronomer Freerolls in the tournament lobby. Entry to those events is free, and provided you finish within the final number of tables shown on the tournament page you could find yourself winning a real money prize in either the Saturday or Sunday event.

A great result for them ahead of the New Year. Congratulations to all who cashed last weekend and also to everyone who had their first taste of poker success in 2008 thanks to the WR2. It keeps on in 2009. See you there.

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