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WR2: The meisterr is the master of the weekend

Champagne corks will be popping this week and into next as the Asia Pacific Poker Tour gets underway in Sydney Australia, but there’s always time for celebration in the virtual world with toasts for the latest Weekly Round 2 victors in order.

On Saturday it was the meisterr of the Netherlands proving he was just that and collecting $276. While on Sunday that spot went to DntRazeMeBro of the United States who also picked up the same amount, and all for an entry fee of nothing. Congratulations to the many hundreds of players who recorded a real money finish.

Here are the final table details...

Weekly Round 2 - Saturday November 29

1. the meisterr (Netherlands) -- $276.00
2. BRIQUE 01 (New Zealand) -- $164.00
3. thevillian74 (Canada) -- $100.00
4. stacplaya (United States) -- $80.00
5. mowdem (United States) -- $62.00
6. math9278 (Germany) -- $50.00
7. knuck21 (United States) -- $39.00
8. John Bakovic (United States) -- $30.00
9. SN1K05 (Belgium) -- $22.20

Weekly Round 2 - Sunday November 30

1. DntRazeMeBro (United States) -- $276.00
2. Badger426 (United States) -- $164.00
3. gumerssa (Brazil) -- $100.00
4. des_iiree (Netherlands) -- $80.00
5. otto730 (United States) -- $62.00
6. franzel (Germany) -- $50.00
7. Renerp23 (Germany) --$39.00
8. coolfire82 (United States) --$30.00
9. bowlingbig (United States) --$22.20

Anyone can play in the Weekly Round 2 events provided you win a ticket in one of the many Astronomer Freerolls marked in the tournament lobby. Entry to those smaller events is free and provided you finish within the final number of tables shown on the tournament page you could find yourself winning a real money prize in either the Saturday or Sunday event.

It’s the best way to practice your poker skills in a unique competitive environment. Good luck, and see you at the tables.

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