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WR2: All the way from Africa...

After a couple of weeks of domination by the United States, and the odd Brazilian, last weekend's WR2 events were world affairs. South Africa has proven to be another boom nation for poker thanks in part to the success Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Rahme had in the World Series of late. Well, his countryman I$mails took spoils in the Saturday WR2 last weekend while skartaris71 of Spain did the business on Sunday.

Superb work in a superb tournament itching to test new players to the limits. Here's a run down of all the results. Congratulations to all who won cash prizes...

Weekly round 2 results - Saturday January 17

1. I$mails (South Africa) $276.00
2. !!clintonj51 (United States) $164.00
3. CRUNCHIN#S (United States) $100.00
4. 78Jack (United States) $80.00
5. Distans (Netherlands) $62.00
6. yoryi-69 (Argentina) $50.00
7. sunshiine598 (United States) $39.00
8. Natasfolleh (Morocco) $30.00
9. SaccoX (France) $22.20

801st fidsche (Germany) $0.60

Weekly round 2 results - Sunday January 18

1. skartaris71 (Spain) $276.00
2. AndyDow1 (United Kingdom) $164.00
3. bison64 (United States) $100.00
4. 1957 (United States) $80.00
5. rumpel1 (Germany) $62.00
6. utesman (United States) $50.00
7. birty29 (United Kingdom) $39.00
8. burim83 (Belgium) $30.00
9. Poco Diablo (United States) $22.20

801st gaga1001 (Hungary) $0.60

Entry into the Weekly Round 2 is open to everybody simply by winning a ticket in one of the Astronomer Freerolls in the tournament lobby. Entry is free, and provided you finish within the final number of tables shown on the tournament page you could find yourself winning a real money prize in either the Saturday or Sunday event.

It's the best way to practice your poker skills in a unique competitive environment - see you at the tables.

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