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WR2: 44DONNYBROOK bet of thousands

You've got to grips with the game, absorbed what you've read and heard from the best players such as Team PokerStars Pros and World Champions and you're ready to take your game to another level. Where to begin? Well, the weekly round two event son PokerStars are the perfect place to start, a freeroll competition that offers real cash prizes and a chance to test your mettle against a whole load of other people with the same idea.

This week top spot went to 44DONNYBROOK who won $276 by virtue of winning a WR2 ticket on one of the "astronomer" qualifying tournaments shown in the lobby.

Congratulations to 44DONNYBROOK and the 800 players who finished in the money in the Saturday event.

Weekly Round two results - Saturday January 31
1. 44DONNYBROOK (United States) - $276.00
2. pierkunz (Italy) - $164.00
3. AA64 (United Kingdom) - $100.00
4. rb gambler99 (United States) - $80.00
5. SpiderMario (Austria) - $62.00
6. kaveman!113 (United States) - $50.00
7. PapaAFC (United States) - $39.00
8. Alien81555 (Russia) - $30.00
9. mhalltheway1 (United States) - $22.20

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