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World Series: JC Alvarado finishes fifth for $138,375


JC Alvarado has narrowly missed out on winning a WSOP bracelet like his fellow Team PokerStars Mexico Pro Angel Guillen. Alvarado made it to the last five in the $10,000 Pot Limit Hold'em, but despite a temporary comeback from the jaws of defeat, he fell in a huge coin flip with John Kabbaj.

Alvarado raised to 200,000, Kabbaj came over the top to 700,000, the Mexican moved all in for a total of 1,250,000 - call!

Alvarado: A♥Q♠
Kabbaj: T♣T♠

The race was on, but the board ran dry for the PokerStars man- 7♠6♦J♦7♦J♥ - busting him in fifth place for a $138,375 pay day.


JC Alvarado

He could and perhaps should have been out a little earlier, after falling to the felt when he doubled up Kabbaj leaving him with only 200,000. But he went on a terrific little run that, for a short time at least, threatened a remarkable comeback. On the next hand he was all-in with K♦Q♣ against Davidi Kitai's 6♥4♠, which held up getting the Mexican up to over 400,000.

Next hand he raised the pot to 350,000 and it was folded around. The next hand he raised the pot again - and again it was folded to his disgust, as he revealed pocket aces.

Finally on the next hand he raised again, got re-popped by Eric Baldwin, all in, call!

Alvarado: T♣T♦
Baldwin: A♠K♣

The board ran Q♦7♣3♦J♦7♥ and Alvarado found himself up at 1,400,000!

Then the fateful hand with a rejuvenated Kabbaj sealed his fate. Shortly after Davidi Kitai busted in fourth, leaving Kabbaj, Kirill Gerasimov and Eric Baldwin to fight for the bracelet and the $633,335 first prize.

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