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World Series: Bill Chen's last stand


Brad Willis reports on the latest from Event 49 at the World Series...

Bill Chen needed a miracle. He needed a rush of cards. He needed something other than a chop. The man needed some cards and he didn't get them.

Only a few players off the money, Chen was down to his last few bets. He knew there was no such thing as turtling his way to the money. He wasn't going to survive five bustouts, so he put himself in action.

The first hand was the real crippler. Chen raised pre-flop in the Omaha/8 round and got a call in the big blind from Vitaly Lunkin. The flop came down 2♦5♣2♠. Lunkin check-called a bet and they saw the 5♦ on the turn. Now, Lunkin led at Chen, who called. With less than 20,000 behind (less that a full bet), Chen folded to the Q♥ on the river.

On the very next hand, Chen got it all in again after a raise from Brett Richey. Huck Seed called in the big blind and they saw a flop of 4♦6♣2♣. Seed checked, Richey bet, and Seed looked at him with a little disdain. With a player all-in, Seed didn't like to see Richey betting. Seed folded to see Richey only held A♥3♦8♠9♣, good enough for the nut low, but little else, and not enough by the river to beat Chen's A♠3♣T♥7♥. Chen got three quarters of the pot to stay alive. The table was not pleased.

Still, Chen barely had any chips and got it all in on third street in a subsequent hand of Razz with 9♦8♠A♦. From there it was brick city, leaving him with no better than a T-9. With that, the last surviving member of the PokerStars stable was eliminated from the $50,000 HORSE event.

EV49_Day 3_IJG_3936_IMPDI.jpg

It was a tough day in the Amazon Room, but hope springs eternal--or at least for another few events. This week will see a few more bracelet tournaments, the Ante Up For Africa charity event, and finally the $10,000 Main Event beginning on Friday.

Of course, we'll be here for it all and report all the news that's fit to blog, and perhaps a bit more.

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