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World Series: Hevad Khan out in 11th place


Simon Young continues with the PokerStars coverage from this year's World Series with news of more success for Team PokerStars Pro...

Perhaps it was just never meant to be Hevad Khan's day. Down to two tables in the $2,500 pot-limit hold'em/Omaha event he was held up on his way to the Rio and arrived a few minutes late in a bit of a fluster.

He was low in chips, but after two early bust-outs he secured a double up and a new found hope of stacking up nicely for an assault on the final table, the bracelet and the $244,862 first prize.


Hevad Khan

But it was short lived as he slipped back again and succumbed finally in 11th place, picking up $18,170 for his first deep run in this year's WSOP. The final hand summed up his day. In a hold'em hand, he open raised the pot from the button to 42,000 and got re-popped by Najib Bennani in the small blind, effectively for all the Team PokerStars Pro's chips. He duly threw out his last 50,000 but found himself dominated.

Khan: A♠8♣
Bennani: A♦T♦

The board missed them both, and Khan, who final tabled the WSOP Main Event in 2007, was out, just two spots from the final table here today.

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