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World Series: JC Alvarado on course for bracelet


We started with 14 and now we're down to just nine in the $10,000 Pot Limit Hold'em. Among them is Team PokerStars Mexico Pro JC Alvarado, who survived a few early escapades to take a place at his first WSOP final.

While still at two tables, Alvarado nursed a 200,000 loss from his 900,000 starting stack. "I did not even have a showdown," he said. "It's just that I lost a few small pots and then a decent one when I raised and then he jammed it, so I had to let it go."


JC Alvarado

His buddy Angel Guillen has already made two final tables in this Series, and JC was there to rail him all the way. But today, Guillen is nowhere in sight. "Some friend he is," joked JC. "But I expect he is still asleep."

When they got ten-handed the two tables combined, and JC picked up the blinds a few times with pre-flop raises. Then, an interesting hand developed with Jason Lester.

With blinds up to 15,000-30,000, it was folded around to JC in the small blind. He raised it up to 60,000 and Lester called. The flop came 6♠7♠7♣ - JC check-called Lester's 60,000. On the 9♥ turn JC checked again, and this time Lester made it 110,000, leaving 180,000 behind.

JC tanked and then announced all-in - barely loud enough to hear, but the message was clear enough and Lester folded. JC showed one card - 3♣.

Tenth-placed finisher, and the final table bubble boy, was Mohsin Charania, who collects $57,645, leaving everyone else a guaranteed $77,136 pay day.

Chip leader, still, is the UK's John Kabbaj on 1,867,000, but David Kitai, who eliminated Charania, is right behind with 1,737,000.

Final table chip counts:

John Kabbaj, 1,867,000
Davidi Kitai, 1,737,000
Isaac Haxton, 1,139,000
Eric Baldwin, 1,115,000
JC Alvarado, Team PokerStars Mexico Pro, 810,000
Kirill Gerasimov, 621,000
Jason Lester, 386,000
Eugene Todd, 341,000
Darryll Fish, 241,000

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