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World Series: Team PokerStars Pro in form on day one


Brad Willis, working the rock face in the Amazon room, reports on the HORSE event at the end of the first day...

It's hard to fully define what Day 1 of the $50,000 HORSE means. It takes an incredible amount of Run Bad or some equally terrible play to get eliminated. It's not that Day 1 means nothing, but nobody will be hitting the Dom to celebrate making it to Day 2. With another four days of play before we crown a champion, today wasn't so much important as it simply was.

If there is a headline to print, though, it is that every member of the PokerStars stable who started the day will be joining us here for Day 2.

After finishing fifth in the $2,500 Mixed Hold'em event, Barry Greenstein made it over to the day's biggest tournament. He is working to be the only person to cash in every $50,000 HORSE tournament since it began in 2006. After losing 16,000 chips to blinds and antes while he was at the other final table, Greenstein finished with 151,500.

Daniel Negreanu, who helped conceive this event in 2006, started strong today. He's cashed in this event once before, and is looking to make it happen again. By night's end he was still rocking, rolling, and entertaining the crowd. When the clock hit zero, his stack sat at an impressive 204,100.

EV49_Day 1_IJG_3574_IMPDI.jpg

Across the room, Greg Raymer is working to get second $50,000 HORSE event cash, too. He had a rocky day, but managed to end the day on 123,900.

EV49_Day 1_IJG_3706_IMPDI.jpg

Bill Chen, Chad Brown, and Alexander Kravchenko are all in search of their first money finish in this tournament. They all still have a shot. Chen is sitting on 208,400. Brown finished with 165,000. Kravchenko will go into Day 2 with 234,400.

Ninety-one players will return for Day 2. Because another giant $1,500 no-limit hold'em event is scheduled to kick off tomorrow, the $50,000 HORSE event has been pushed back to a 4pm Pacific Time start. So, we'll catch a nap and be back with full coverage of Day 2 at that time.

Photos by Joe Giron/IMPDI Worldwide

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