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World Series: Vanessa Rousso on course


Simon Young reports on events towards the end of another day at the World Series...

After being all-in for her last 30,000 or so not too long ago, Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso has gone on a monumental tear-up around her $10,000 Pot Limit Hold'em table - and shot above 300,000! It all happened in four quick hands just before the dinner break, which will have made the refreshments go down a treat.

Rousso takes up the story: "First I had A♦Q♦ and limped under the gun for 5,000 and Bryn Kenney called, then Alex 'AJKHooiser1' Kamberis potted it, I called and my hand held - he had A-10," Rousso explained.


Vanessa Rousso

"A few hands later I'm in the big blind and called a Bryn Kenney raise of 12,500. There was a ten-high flop and he bet, I re-raised and he folded.

"When the button came round I raised with A♣6♣ and got one call. We checked it all the way down and my ace-high was good. Then my raise of 15,000 was re-raised to 26,500 and I called. The flop was K-10 and a small card, I make a big bet and get a fold!"

Phew! That's how you go from short-stack to seventh in chips in just a few of orbits of the table, folks.

There are still 44 players left in this event, with only the top 27 getting paid. Team PokerStars Pro ElkY will find it a struggle after bluffing off a large chunk of his remaining chips. He bet out with his missed flushed draw on a paired board, and was called by Justin Young with A-6 for second pair. ElkY is now down to just 10,000.


Bill Chen

Still going well is Team PokerStars Mexico Pro JC Alvarado on 220,000, Germany's Florian Langmann on 110,000 and Friend of PokerStars Bill Chen with 115,000.

STOP PRESS ElkY found Q-Q just after dinner and got his last 10,000 in the middle, but was up against the A-K of Bobby Firestone. An ace on the flop, and the Frenchman is outta here.

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